Who Is Mr JWW?

11th Aug 2017


Ferrari 458 Speciale

You don't have to be a bonafied petrolhead to have a passion for supercars. The evocative engine note, stunning looks and unbelievable performance they possess turn heads for fun. With manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible, it's no wonder we all love supercars.

Social Media and Supercars

However, if you happen to have a strong love for cars, many petrolheads nowadays share their experiences on social media. Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, Facebook accounts - you name it, petrolheads all join in and some have collected a very healthy following. One of them is none other than a chap called James, AKA Mr JWW.


Vlogging JWW


Mr JWW was invited by Stratstone to take part in the Ferrari 70th anniversary celebrations at Capesthorne Hall. He brought along his own Ferrari 458 Speciale and joined in with the 84-car parade as well as accompanying other guests at an exclusive dinner, showcasing the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

He describes himself as a 'Automotive lifestyle YouTuber' as well as a writer for several high-profile brands, a presenter and video maker. He really is living the supercar dream! He already has his own collection of supercars - thanks to success in the fashion and textiles industry. With a passion for cars, he decided to start vlogging and creating YouTube video content, involving his personal cars and cars leant to him via manufacturers too.

He has now accumulated almost 500,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, after sharing various cool and interesting automotive adventures worldwide, at major car events and new car launches.

Supercar Collection

Having a number of supercars at his disposal, it was always going to make great content easier to produce. Mr JWW has had quite a few exotics in his time, and still has a number of incredible supercars. His impressive collection of metal has included a fabulous V12 Ferrari - the awesome F12, along with a drivers' favourite - Porsche 911 GT3.

Currently, James' collection includes a Ferrari F12tdf, along with a subtler, yet hugely practical and fast Audi RS6.

His passion for cars is evident in his videos, which are hugely popular. Interestingly, Mr JWW's iPhone was the first piece of equipment that he used to film his videos, along with a GoPro - proving that you don't need lots of equipment to start vlogging!

Watch the Video!

Watch Mr JWW's vlog from the event, which include his thoughts on the F12tdf.