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woman standing in front of bmw x1 using my bmw app

My BMW App

The My BMW App acts as a direct connection between you and your vehicle, providing benefits that enhance the daily experience

Perfectly Suited to You

The My BMW smartphone application has been designed to act as a direct connection between you and your vehicle. After all, what better way to experience The Ultimate Driving Machine than by seamlessly connecting with its advanced features.

Everyday life will be much easier because My BMW offers a number of features that have been designed to make your journeys more efficient, while simultaneously allowing you to access your vehicle remotely.

In addition, maintenance is made more convenient because the app allows you to effortlessly book a service through your nearest Stratstone BMW retailer. This is your world. This is your BMW.

My BMW App Key Features

Manage My Vehicle Status

With My BMW, you will have all your vehicle's vital information in one place. Accessible details about your BMW include:

  • Remaining Fuel (and the remaining range)
  • Remaining battery level and range (hybrids and electric)
  • The vehicle's geographical location
  • Whether the doors are locked or unlocked
  • The vehicle's charging status (hybrids and electric)
Access Your BMW Remotely

In addition to being able to locate your vehicle and remotely lock or unlock the doors, you can precondition the cabin so that its perfectly ventilated and up to temperature before you get in.

Your BMW does not even have to be in sight to do this.

Manage My Trips tab

My BMW enables you to take your journeys to the next level by making them as stress-free as possible. You can browse new destinations and explore points of interest from the app, which you can then send directly to your BMW.

Alternatively, you can share destinations between map apps and My BMW. For example, you can transfer a destination straight from Google Maps.

Manage My Vehicle Safety

BMW understand that your vehicle is your pride and joy, which is why they have introduced Remote 3D view on selected models. This feature allows you to view the area around your vehicle from any perspective, ultimately allowing you to check up on your car whenever you wish.