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BYD Blade Battery Technology

Learn about BYD's Blade Battery and its benefits

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Extensive research and development

A huge amount of research and development has gone into the batteries utilised within BYD Auto's range of cars.

BYD Blade Batteries were developed to not only improve efficiency, but to offer greater levels of safety when compared to a more common ternary lithium battery.

As an example of this, BYD Auto subjected the Blade Battery to extreme challenges, such as nail penetration and crush tests, to see how it would respond. None of these tests resulted in a fire or explosion, and surface temperatures did not exceed 60 degrees centigrade.

Compared to more traditional battery options, where some reached temperatures of up to 400 degrees in similar tests, this is a clear indication of safety you can expect from a BYD Auto car.

Benefits of BYD's Blade Battery

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BYD Auto are sure to make an impression thanks to their advanced Blade Battery. But that is only scratching the surface of what makes their range of vehicles an enticing prospect.

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