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Charging Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Charging a hybrid or an electric vehicle is a straightforward process  

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Charging frequently asked questions

Where can I find a public charging point

Finding your nearest electric car charging station is simple as websites exist to show you all the locations of public charging points within a certain distance of your postcode.

Heading out on a long distance journey? Fear not, you can plan your trip and locate charging points in advance so you do not need to panic about running out of battery charge to power your vehicle.

Charging points are frequently appearing at supermarkets, service stations and workplaces; making charging your vehicle a much easier process.

How do I charge a plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle

Rather than trying to explain in words, here is a handy video to highlight the easy process of charging an electrified vehicle.

In this particular example it is the 100 percent electric Jaguar I-PACE.

How do charging points work

Plug-in hybrid and electric cars currently utilise multiple standards of connection which can prove difficult to understand, however, you will be pleased to know it is nearly impossible to use the wrong connection.

Using the wrong connection does not compare to accidentally filling your diesel car up with petrol, worst-case-scenario would be that the duration of charging is longer than if you had used the correct connection.

What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle

The most convenient and cost-effective method of charging an electric vehicle is with a home charger. In 2019 the average domestic electricity rate was just over 14p per kWh, so if the car has a 60kWh battery it would cost around £8.40 to charge from completely empty to full.

Furthermore, if you are fortunate and have an Economy 7 meter installed in your home you can expect the cost to be even less if you charge your vehicle overnight, when the cost of electricity is lower.

However, if you do need to charge your vehicle at a public charging station you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that many EV charge points are free to use but these do tend to be the slow chargers.

If you require speedier charging with a fast or rapid charger, these often require payment. The rates of charging are often displayed as £ per kWh or £ per hour. Some charging points require a subscription account whereas others can be paid per single use.

How do you charge at home

When switching to an electric vehicle it is definitely recommended to install an EV charging point at your home, however, it is often a requirement that you have off-street parking, for ease and safety.

Home chargers are often the slow or fast type with the higher powered chargers being more expensive but Government grants are available for the installation of home EV charge points.

Without a dedicated charging point, you can still charge your vehicle at home using a domestic 3-pin plug socket; this tends to take a lot longer than a wall box though.

Charging Points

Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of charging stations located around the UK, with over 30,000 chargers, charging your vehicle whilst out and about has never been so simple.

Many public EV charge points are free to use, however, the majority of fast and rapid chargers do require payment. There are websites and apps that can assist you with locating an electric car charging station.

Alternatively, EV charge points can be installed at your home but often require you to have off-street parking. Charging your vehicle at home is the most convenient and cost-effective method and Government grants are available to support with the installation of home EV charge points.

The time it takes to fully-charge an electric vehicle varies depending on the vehicle's battery size and the speed of the charging point.

Types of charging points

Find your perfect plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle

Stratstone brands are evolving and beginning to include more models in their hybrid and electric range.

Although only plug-in hybrid and fully-electric vehicles require recharging, some manufacturers also have hybrid or mild-hybrid options too.

There are some fantastic offers on hybrid and electric vehicles or you can arrange a test drive at your nearest Stratstone retailer to discover the impressive capabilities of electrified vehicles.