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Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations

Welcome to a world of distinction and exclusivity, a world where you are in full control of the amount of excitement and exhilaration you receive when you get into your one-of-a-kind Jaguar.

Specialist Vehicle Operations (SVO) was created to allow you, the customer, to build the ultimate version of the Jaguar you have always desired. SVO vehicles offer a blend of luxury, capability and performance to create the quintessential Jaguar that will allow you to indulge in elegance and heritage everyday.

Infinite possibilities are available with an SV vehicle, which can only be purchased from an SV Specialist Centre. Only selected dealerships are invited to become SV Specialist Centres, which includes a revamp and extremely high levels of training to ensure you are well-catered for from the beginning of the journey and beyond.

Upon arrival, you will be met by your designated SV Specialist, who will ensure you are fully taken care of during your visit. Once it has been established which model you are interested in, you will be taken into the commissioning suite, a room that allows you to fully spec your Jaguar down to the finest interior and exterior details.

Although the journey began when you made your appointment, this where the fun begins.


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Jaguar SVR

The SVR branch focuses purely on performance and driving engagement. If you are someone who values an enthralling experience every time you get behind the wheel, then an SVR Jaguar is most certainly for you.

Each engine is given to highly trained engineers at the SVO Headquarters who tune it to produce even more power, and of course, more aural enjoyment. After this, the engineers move onto the chassis. Upgrading a series of integral components with stronger and higher performing parts helps to keep an SVR Jaguar firmly planted through the corners, without ever being overly intimidating.

A louder and pulsating engine pairs with the beautifully engineered chassis to produce a package that is guaranteed to provide a driving experience that is like no other you will ever experience.

Front end of the grey Jaguar SVR.

Jaguar SVA

While SVR vehicles offer a pulsating driving experience, SVA Jaguars are designed to provide the ultimate in luxurious transport. If you value unparalleled quality and a stunning ride, then an SVA Jaguar is the only way to go.

That is not to say an SVA Jaguar does not need to be brisk. You will still benefit from a thumping engine that will produce enough power to leave a huge grin firmly on your face, it all just comes in a much more luxurious package.

Take the interior for example, you get to choose what type of finish you have on every surface inside the car, right down to the colour and stitching. Front seats will massage you until your heart is content, while every single surface has been crafted using the highest quality materials available. 

Blue Jaguar SVA headlights.