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Introducing the new Land Rover Defender OCTA

The fastest and most powerful Defender ever. The OCTA is a groundbreaking, high performance, all-terrain showcase of what Land Rover can do with the iconic Defender.

Exclusivity is assured, being a limited edition, which promises to be yet another fine addition to the Defender story.

And staying true to history, the OCTA will feature a V8 heart.

Design and Practicality

Land Rover Defender Octa

The new Defender OCTA will still feature the iconic silhouette that we first saw, when the new Defender was unveiled back in 2019.

Only, with the OCTA, new levels of exclusivity will be used to enhance the look and help with the high performance the Octa promises.

And being a Land Rover, there will still be excellent levels of practicality, meaning no matter where your adventure takes you, space will not be an issue.

Technology and Safety

Land Rover Defender Octa Steering Wheel

Technology and safety will be of the cutting-edge nature, as this will be the most exclusive Land Rover Defender ever made.

Official details will be released on 3rd July 2024, but we can expect a fully-digital interior, full of state-of-the-art technology to ensure the OCTA is superb on-road, as well as off-it.

With 13,960 additional tests, the Defender OCTA is going to be full of extraordinary levels of technology, backed up by excellent safety.

Engines and Performance

Land Rover Defender Octa

The heart of the new Land Rover Defender OCTA is a V8, naturally, and featured twin turbos, and mild-hybrid technology.

Promising to be the toughest, fastest and most capable Defender ever made, the OCTA will not be short on performance.

And being a Land Rover, we know that when the road runs out, the Defender OCTA will also excel off-road.

Having undergone the most extreme testing and development programme in Defender history, the OCTA is set to be quite the spectacle.

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The Land Rover Defender OCTA will be launched on the 3rd of July 2024.

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