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Introducing the Range Rover Evoque Electric Hybrid

The Range Rover Evoque plug-in electric hybrid delivers the performance, refinement and capability you would expect with the additional benefits of low fuel consumption and increased efficiency.

Exhibiting exactly the same appearance as the superbly stylish, tough and practical Range Rover Evoque, the Evoque plug-in electric hybrid can transport the average UK commuter to work and back twice in EV (Electric Vehicle) Mode on a single charge; saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

Badged P300e, same as the Discovery Sport Plug-In Electric Hybrid model, the premium compact SUV is an excellent choice for a family wanting the luxuriousness of the Evoque but with a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Range and Performance

Range Rover Evoque PHEV Rear Driving

A combination of a 3-cylinder 1.5-litre Ingenium petrol engine, a smooth-shifting new 8-speed automatic transmission and an Electric Rear Axle Drive motor delivers an impressive total power output of 304bhp and Land Rover's signature all-wheel drive capability.

Interestingly, the only significant difference inside the vehicle, compared to the conventionally powered Evoque, is the option for selecting from three driving modes; HYBRID mode, EV mode and SAVE mode. HYBRID mode delivers the best of both technologies by combining the power from the electric motor and the engine, whilst EV mode allows the vehicle to be powered purely by the electric motor. Finally, SAVE mode prioritises the engine as its main source of power, which maintains the battery State of Charge at the chosen level.

Tailpipe emissions are non-existent whilst driving in EV mode, which can be sustained for 34 miles without needing to stop and charge.


Range Rover Evoque PHEV Rear Charging

Located on the rear fender, on the opposite side of the vehicle to the fuel filler flap, is the charge port. You can fully charge the vehicle from a plug socket at home or work in 6 hours 42 minutes, using the Mode 2 Home Charging Cable which comes with the Evoque plug-in electric hybrid.

Faster charging methods are available; using the Mode 3 Charging Cable and plugging-in to a 7kW AC domestic wall box or AC public charge point you can charge from 0 to 80 percent in just 1 hour 24 minutes.

However, the quickest 0 to 80 percent charge can be achieved using the public charging network of DC charge points at 32kW where it takes just 30 minutes.

Land Rover Charging provides drivers with exclusive access to the wide range of charging points around the UK, making charging your Range Rover Evoque a quick and easy task.

Test drive the Range Rover Evoque Electric Hybrid

Equally as impressive as the petrol and diesel powered Range Rover Evoque, the Evoque plug-in electric hybrid manages to tick all the boxes when it comes to luxury, refinement, capability and low fuel consumption.

It is clear to see why the Evoque is a class leader in its segment, but now the plug-in electric hybrid will appeal to the more environmentally conscious driver too.

You don't need to take our word for how extraordinary this vehicle is, contact your local Stratstone Land Rover retailer to arrange a test drive and see for yourself.