Nothing quite compares with the sensation of being a wolf in a world that is full of sheep, a world where you feel excitement and adventure with every turn of the wheel.

Specialist Vehicle Operations (SVO) create the ultimate example of each Land Rover model, and tailor them completely to your requirements and desires. The end result is a vehicle that blends luxury, capability and performance into one package that represents the best of Land Rover.

Selected SV Specialist Centres become part of an elite group of retailers that specialise in SVO vehicles, it is here where your journey that involves infinite possibilities begin. Each dealership undergoes a rigorous revamp from the ground up to ensure it can facilitate you and your requirements.

After you have arrived, you will be greeted by your designated SV Specialist, who will work hard to ensure you have everything you need throughout the duration of your visit. Once you have picked the model you are interested in, you will be taken into the commissioning suite, a room that allows you to fully configure your Land Rover down to the most minor details. This is where the fun begins.

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Land Rover SVR

Focusing purely on performance, the SVR branch brings the Land Rover driving experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. If you value scintillating acceleration and a large smile every time you get behind the wheel, then an SVR Land Rover is the car for you.

Every engine is given to our specially trained engineers at the SVO Headquarters who tune them to produce more power and torque, they also add a titanium exhaust to liven up the soundtrack. Moving onto the chassis, the engineers upgrade a series of integral components with stronger parts to help enhance the driving dynamics of the Land Rover you have chosen.

A louder and pulsating engine pairs with the beautifully engineered chassis to produce a package that is guaranteed to provide a driving experience that is like no other you will ever experience.

Land Rover SVR badge.

Land Rover SVAutobiography

SVA Land Rovers have been created to offer an alternative driving experience to the pulsating one you get in a SVR. If you value incredible high levels of craftsmanship and an even higher attention to detail, then an SVA Land Rover is the car for you.

Fear not, just because there is not as much emphasis on performance, does not mean you lose out on a ferocious engine. You will still benefit from a large displacement engine that will bring joy to your soul on a daily basis.

The emphasis for the SVA comes in the form of sheer luxury. Take the interior for example, you get to choose what type of finish you have on every surface inside the car, right down to the colour and stitching. Front seats will massage you until your heart is content, while every single surface has been crafted using the highest quality materials. 

Land Rover SVAutobiography interiors.