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Mercedes-Benz Unveil New E-Class Estate

21st Jun 2023

By Steve Grant

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Front Mercedes-Benz E-Class Side Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rear Mercedes-Benz E-Class Front Interior Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rear Seats
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Front Mercedes-Benz E-Class Side Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rear Mercedes-Benz E-Class Front Interior Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rear Seats

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new E-Class Estate, which will be available immediately as a plug-in hybrid.

Compared to its predecessor, the E-Class Estate has increased in width by 28 millimetres, giving rear passengers even more space.

The wheelbase has also increased by 22 millimetres, giving those in the back more knee and legroom.

The load compartment can be expanded from 615 litres to up to 1,830 litres. In the plug-in hybrid model, the luggage capacity is 460 to 1,675 litres.

The dashboard makes for a thrilling digital experience in the interior. If the E-Class Estate is equipped with the optional front passenger screen, the large glass surface of the MBUX Superscreen extends to the central display.

Visually detached from this is the high-resolution driver display in the driver's field of vision. The main icons on the central and optional passenger displays are now simpler, and also colour-coded to match smartphone tiles.

Mercedes-Benz says the entertainment programme in the E-Class Estate is more interactive than ever. Software experts have developed a new compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps.

At market launch, apps available on the central display include the entertainment platform TikTok, the game Angry Birds, the collaborative application Webex and the office application Zoom.

Mercedes-Benz is working on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) so that the car learns which comfort systems vehicle occupants use repeatedly.

Given the same circumstances, the aim is for AI to automate such functions. Mercedes-Benz uses the term 'routine' for this innovation.

When the new E-Class Estate is launched, customers will be able to use templates for standard routines. They also have the option of creating routines themselves.

In Europe and in more and more countries, the front passenger can watch dynamic content such as TV or video streaming on the display during a journey – subject to the requirement that the driver is protected from distraction.

The camera-based system in the E-Class Estate uses a further improved filtering concept that is even more intelligent than the previous solution. The driver can no longer see dynamic content on the passenger screen while driving.

The new E-Class Estate features the AGILITY CONTROL suspension and single-chamber air suspension on the rear axle as standard. The latter is said to maintain ride comfort even with a full load on board and ensures that the vehicle remains horizontal even when laden.

Due to systematic electrification and intelligent downsizing, the new E-Class sets new standards in efficiency. In addition to turbocharging, both the diesel and petrol engines feature intelligent support from an integrated starter-generator (ISG) making them mild hybrids.

Thanks to a new battery, the power of the electric motor has been increased from 15 to 17 kW and the boost torque to 151lb ft. A fourth-generation plug-in hybrid is already available at launch, and further models with this technology will follow.