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Problem into a Solution 

Enjoying your MINI is one of life's pleasures, but on a daily basis your MINI's paintwork may be exposed to multiple contaminants and pollutants, which, over time, can have a negative effect on the quality and overall condition of your MINI's appearance.

You may also notice that due to everyday life, the interior of your MINI will also be subject to dirt, transferred by you, passengers and pets, which could lead to staining.

But what happens if there was a solution to ensuring your MINI looked its best wash after wash, whilst your interior stays looking like new too?

MINI Protect X and Protect CX are the solution.

Guaranteed for Life


The MINI Protect X and Protect CX range are a solution that shields your paintwork from environmental nasties, giving it an enhanced eye-catching glossy finish bound to get noticed.

They also keep interiors looking their best too, protecting carpets and seat fabrics from staining.

Benefits include:

  • Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish, wash after wash
  • Guards your paintwork and interior
  • Protects the future resale value of your MINI
  • Enhances safety and visibility in wet driving conditions
  • Includes a transferable Lifetime Guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics (admin fee applies)


How it Works

MINI 5-door Hatch Variants

MINI Protect X and Protect CX system shield your MINI's paintwork from environmental pollutants, whilst ensuring a striking high-gloss finish. As the paintwork ages, surface imperfections known as 'castellations' attract multiple environmental pollutants which lead to paint fade.

MINI Protect X and Protect CX form a protective barrier, filling in the castellations and future-proofing paint against potential damage.

The solution also guards your MINI's interior, making sure that seat fabrics and carpets resist staining, whilst leather remains soft and supple.

A personal take-home car care pack is also supplied, with cleaning items that will ensure you can maintain your MINI's flawless appearance.

MINI Protect X

"Ultra-durable 4-layer POLYMER coating, utilising Nano-technology creating a super smooth, high gloss protective finish that shields from environmental attacks and contamination".

MINI Protect CX

"Extremely resilient hi-tech CERAMIC coating, improving resistance to abrasion and wear. Increased protection against harsh cleaning chemicals, oils and fuels with heightened hydrophobicity".

Apply Protect X to your MINI

When purchasing a new or used MINI, chances are you want to keep it in the best possible condition, and what better way than protecting the paint and interior. Want to have Protect X added to your new or used MINI? To find out more contact your local Stratstone MINI retailer today.