Aston Martin Cygnet V8

Many people will probably take one look at the Aston Martin Cygnet V8 and ask why? Aston Martin simply said, why not?

Created by the Aston Martin Q division; a specialist section of Aston Martin who are responsible for creating truly bespoke one-off Aston Martin vehicles, after a customer commissioned the build. But you may ask what type of customer would commission such a creation. In short, this particular customer also owns an Aston Martin Vulcan. Enough said!

High Profile Showcase

Aston Martin didn't just send out a press release regarding this bespoke creation.  Instead, Aston Martin chose the world renowned 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed to showcase the V8 Cygnet to the public, which sends out a key message to Aston Martin owners, in that if you have a specific desire for your Aston Martin, the Q division will make your dream a reality - no matter how bespoke the request.

The beauty of the V8 Cygnet is that it is perhaps the most surprising Aston Martin model to get this sort of bespoke treatment.

We can understand a customer spending a pretty penny on a custom interior for their Vanquish S or similar, but for someone to create the world's craziest Cygnet, well, that's just irrational. But in a good way!
new aston martin cygnet

Enhanced Presence

The standard Aston Martin Cygnet was built to ensure Aston Martin met emission regulation averages, set by the European Union. Hence, the standard car coming with a humble 1.3-litre engine, producing just 97bhp. Perfect for city motoring, returning an impressive 50 plus miles per gallon.

In comparison the V8 version can't, but it can hit 62mph in just 4.2 seconds! Which should feel like time travel compared to the standard car's 11 second time. But then you don't commission a V8 Cygnet if you're bothered about MPG. It's simply all about performance and madness!

It's got wider carbon-fibre wheel arch extensions, bigger wheels (19-inch, up from 16-inch) and brakes from the previous-generation Vantage! Oh, and that small matter of the V8, which is also from the previous-generation Vantage S. Meaning 4.7-litres of naturally aspirated loveliness delivering 430bhp. In a Cygnet!

Inside it looks like a race car with Recaro bucket seats, race harnesses, roll cage and again more parts from a previous-generation Vantage.