Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV 2019

10th Oct 2018

Undoubtedly one of the most significant models in the Mercedes-Benz history. Introducing the all-electric EQC SUV, the very first series production model from the EQ electric mobility Mercedes-Benz model range.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQC is set for release in 2019. Register your interest with Stratstone Mercedes-Benz today.


Showcasing a progressive new design, exterior highlights include a striking black finish which incorporate this EQC SUV's grille and headlight set-up, along with accompanying the iconic three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star. To complement, the EQC makes use of bespoke blue colour accents that are exclusive to the EQ vehicle range, setting it apart from other conventional Mercedes-Benz models.

mercedes-benz eqc suv


Step inside the interior and it's business as usual for this brand-new 5-seater Mercedes-Benz model. A fine array of material choice is orchestrated with brand-new materials used and striking details; such as rose-gold air vents and a metal surround finish on the EQC's instrument cluster. This makes use of two incredible touch screens which display the SUV's display cluster and infotainment - it really is a lovely place to spend time and is of course incredible high-tech.

mercedes-benz eqc interior

Technology and Refinement

MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment ensures the EQC has the wow factor, and can also incorporates a number of EQ-specific functions which include the range display, charge status, energy flow and even EQ-optimised navigation. Combined with Mercedes Me, you can stay completed connected to your EQC and access state-of-the-art features such as Parked Vehicle Locator, Access Remote Parking, Remote Car Lock and Fuel Check - all from the comfort of your smart phone.

As you would expect from this luxury SUV that is very much as futuristic as it gets, the cabin is wonderfully quiet thanks to the materials used, and the vehicle being fully electric. A trait not normally associated with a large SUV.

mercedes-benz eqc suv technology

Engine, Performance and Economy

First thing's first. There is no engine. This is after-all a fully electric vehicle. Energy is provided by an 80kWh battery which powers the motors. Total power output however is impressive, with 300 kW available, which is 480hp. Torque is also great with 765 Nm available. This translates to excellent performance, and although the EQC is a sizable SUV 0-62mph is completed in just 5.1 seconds.

Provisional data suggests the EQC will be able to cover around 280 miles on a full charge. A compact electric drivetrain features on each axle of the EQC, giving the feeling of a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Drive modes include COMFORT, ECO, SPORT, INDIVIDUAL and MAX RANGE. These of course ensure the EQC can be both enjoyable and relaxing when required. Charge time is quick and easy too via the use of a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox or a public charging station.

mercedes-benz eqc performance

Safety and Convenience

Exemplary safety features heavily on this cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV. For example, a new tailback management function is available, as part of the optional Driving Assistance Package where the vehicle's speed is reduced if a tailback is detected ahead. 

mercedes-benz eqc suv