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Porsche 911

Undoubtedly the greatest sports car of all time; the Porsche 911 is nothing short of legendary. History, heritage and of course the same recognisable silhouette since its launch in the '60s have all combined to make the Porsche 911 one of the most recognisable cars in history.

It goes without saying that it is superb to drive, and each new generation pushes the boundaries of what is possible from a sports car.

993 Turbo

Porsche unveiled the 993-generation of 911 in 1993, before it was replaced by the 996-generation in 1998. For many enthusiasts and purists, the 993 era is regarded highly, as it happens to be the last air-cooled 911 in history, before the 996-generation subsequently switched to water-cooled cooling.

A standard Porsche 911 Carrera is a fine machine, but when Porsche added a turbocharger to a 911, the iconic 911 Turbo and a new era of speed was born. This particular 911 993-generation Turbo was the first Porsche 911 Turbo with all-wheel drive too. Unsurprising really, considering the Turbo was equipped with just over 400hp good for 60mph in just 4 seconds; that's quick today so imagine what people were thinking in the '90s!

All-wheel drive ensured all the power could be utilised and also meant the car had enhanced grip and handling. Today, the 991 eras of 911 Turbo still implement an all-wheel drive set-up, making the 991 Turbo one of the quickest point-to-point cars out there. The 993 Turbo legacy kick-started this unmatchable performance.

This particular example also happens to be the later '97 model, so benefits from a few enhancements and tweaks such as a stronger transmission and enhanced alarm settings. The 'Turbo Twist' wheels also feature 'Turbo' centre caps, rather than the Porsche crest ones which appeared on earlier cars.

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Finished in an ultra-sinister looking black paint finish, which emphasises the 993 Turbo's stunning sleek silhouette, the standout wider Turbo body looks incredible, especially at the rear where the width really gives our car a perfect stance.

The rear end of this particular 993 Turbo is the icing on the cake, with the classic light set up spanning the width of the rear end, which complemented by the iconic rear wing cements this as one of the finest 911 models ever created. In a time where manual 911 models are becoming rare; this particular car also features a beloved 6-speed manual gearbox.

Despite the car being 21 years old, air conditioning, electric seats and windows, full leather and Bi-Xenon-headlamps feature on this particular example. The car even includes a Porsche Classic Radio with Navigation set-up too.

With the car being a left-hand drive import first registered in New York, this glorious 993 Turbo would certainly not look out of place in the South of France, or hustling along the German Autobahns. With classic Porsche prices staying strong, and just under 59,000 miles on the clock, what better way to have your cake and eat it.

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