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Electric Jaguar I-PACE Common Questions Answered

07th Dec 2020

The heat of peak summertime made it easy to justify a weekend away to a location that has been on Stratstone's radar for a while; the historic city of Bath. Now, according to Google Maps, Bath was situated 160 miles away from where Stratstone head office is based in Nottingham. That would mean a round-trip of 320 miles before you even consider travel around the city and local areas.

You are most likely wondering why the mileage would be highlighted in this instance. It is because the journey would be made in a Jaguar I-PACE, an innovative SUV that runs purely on electricity. With a range of up to 298 miles, the weekend away would provide a very real taste of how life could be behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Below, Stratstone have answered the most common questions surrounding the I-PACE, and electric cars in general, based on the experience throughout the weekend.

Is range anxiety a myth?

Yes and no. Similar to a traditional petrol or diesel powered car, the distance you can travel on a full tank/charge is influenced by how efficiently you drive.

However, range anxiety only raises its ugly head because it is universally known that charging an electric vehicle takes longer than it does to brim the tank on an internal combustion engine (ICE) powered car.

How do you combat range anxiety?

Preparation is essential to combating range anxiety if you are travelling long distance. Use Zap Map to locate charging points along your route, or near your destination, that are suitable for your car (I-PACE comes with DC fast charging connector as standard).

With the 90kw battery found in the I-PACE, I highly recommend looking for a rapid charger on Zap Map (43kw and above), because the slower ones (starting from 3kw) will leave you waiting for very long time.


Jaguar I PACE in Countryside

Is this really an issue on a daily basis?

Absolutely not, because the I-PACE can travel up to 292 miles on a full charge. As an example, let us say your current commute is 35 miles a day, five days week. Based on those calculations, you would have roughly 100 miles of range left for other non-work related activities.

Not convinced? Jaguar have created a mobile app called 'Go I-PACE', which monitors your current weekly driving habits and tells you how viable it would be to live with an electric vehicle.

Are the public charging points easy to use?

They are very easy to use when you follow the instructions. However, the only thing that did create an issue was that the provider of each charging point can differ. As a result of that, a number of different apps had to be downloaded before the I-PACE could be charged.

Thankfully, Zap Map mentions who the provider is when you are searching for a charging point.


Red Jaguar I PACE using charging point

Are public charging points expensive to use?

They are considerably cheaper than brimming the tank on an ICE powered vehicle. For example, Stratstone managed to get a shade over 200 miles of range from a fast charger for £15. Around £0.15 per kw is the general rule of thumb for public chargers.

Can I charge the car overnight?

One of the benefits of owning an electric vehicle, such as the Jaguar I-PACE, is that you can charge it on the driveway overnight. There is also a government grant that will get you £500 off an authorised 7kw home charger, which will "brim" a completely flat I-PACE battery in roughly 12 hours; perfect for overnight charging on a week day.

In fact, Stratstone are exclusively offering all our I-PACE customers home chargers free of charge for the duration of their agreement.


Jaguar I PACE Interior

Does temperature affect the range?

Yes it does. However, Jaguar I-PACE boasts a thermal management system that has been designed to keep the battery at its optimal temperature and therefore minimise the impact of external temperatures on the range.

What happens if the battery fails?

There is no denying that replacing the battery on an EV is an expensive procedure that will comfortably run into four figures. Thankfully, Jaguar provide an eight-year warranty (or 100,000 miles) on the battery of the I-PACE, giving total peace of mind for the short and long-term.

Go on then, is the I-PACE fast?

Oh, it is fast alright. This may be a 2,200kg SUV, but the 395bhp and explosive nature of the power delivery means the I-PACE accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 4.5 seconds. The top speed has been limited to 124mph, although there is no doubt the I-PACE would get there rapidly.


Red Jaguar I PACE parked behind Silver Jaguar F Type

There is nothing to fear with electric vehicles in reality, especially in day-to-day driving. However, the problem has always been going further afield. And with some preparation and understanding, it is relatively stress-free going on a long-distance road trip.

Why not experience the Jaguar I-PACE for yourself? Book a test drive at your nearest Stratstone Jaguar retailer today and discover the future for yourself. Or alternatively, explore our latest offers.