How to Charge Your Electric Jaguar

01st Jun 2022

By Edward Cook

Electric Power

With traditional fuel becoming increasingly expensive, many are choosing to look for more efficient, cleaner means of motoring, and one option is to switch to an all-electric powertrain. Some of the world's top automotive manufacturers offer an electric vehicle (EV) of some description, one of which is Jaguar, with their I-PACE SUV.

However, there are a few challenges that owners face when making the switch to an EV, one of which is charging the car's battery to ensure you have enough range to get to your destination.

Charging an electric Jaguar's battery is more straightforward than some are led to believe, as the process can be pretty similar to refuelling your car at a petrol station. In this article, we will take you through the steps of recharging a Jaguar EV to ensure you understand the process fully.

  1. Find a charging point
  2. Prepare the car
  3. Familiarise yourself with the charging provider
  4. Insert connector
  5. Relax and wait for charge to be complete
  6. Remove connector

Steps to charging your electric Jaguar

Red Jaguar I-PACE Exterior Rear Charging

1. Find a charging point

After being on the road for a while, your Jaguar will notify you that it is running low on charge via a dashboard alert. At this point, you will need to find a charging point that's en route, or return home if you have a wallbox.

If you are unsure as to where the nearest charging point is to your location, then your Jaguar's infotainment system can map out a charging network to help you find a charging point that is within range and convenient for you.

Drivers of electrified Jaguar vehicles can also reap the many benefits of Jaguar Charging - an exclusive charging service that gives owners of both new and used Jaguar vehicles access to a wide range of charging points across the UK.

2. Prepare the car

Once you have arrived at the charging point, you will need to prepare the car for charging.

This is straightforward, all you will have to do is switch the car off, and open the 'filler cap' which is located above the front left wheel on I-PACE models, but this may differ on other Jaguar cars.

3. Familiarise yourself with the charging provider

Before you are able to connect your Jaguar, you will need to have a quick read of the charging points instructions.

The process of activating different charging points should be fairly similar, but this may differ from provider to provider, so double check if you are unsure.


Jaguar Charging Infotainment Screen

4. Insert connector

Now that the charging point has been activated, it is time to connect your car, but you will need to check you are using the correct port as there are two to choose from.

The 'Type 2' connection is designed to be used when home charging, while the 'CCS' inlet supports speeds up to 100kW, which is perfect for rapid charging when on the move.

Once you have selected the correct port, simply insert the cable into your electric Jaguar and charging should commence.

5. Relax and wait for charge to be complete

So, the car is now on charge, but you may be asking how do you know when it is done? The car's dashboard will display useful information that indicate what percentage your battery is on and how long the charge has left.

A white flashing light should also appear above the inlet port to let you know it is charging. This will change to green once the car is fully charged and ready to be unplugged.

6. Remove connector

Finally, once the car is fully charged and ready to go, you will just need to disconnect the cable and pack it away.

However, in order to prevent tampering or accidental disconnection, the charging connector will be locked in place. To unlock it, you will need to press the 'unlock' button on your vehicle's key fob, this will allow you to safely disconnect the charger.

Do not forget to close your 'filler cap' too, as it is a pain if you notice it is open once you are on your way.

Charging at home

Jaguar I-PACE Front Charging

You will also have the option to charge your electric Jaguar at home, which may be more convenient for many.

The process is very similar, but instead of using a charging point, you will be using your home's electricity via a standard 3-pin socket, or a wallbox if you choose to have one installed.

It is worth bearing in mind that charging times can differ quite significantly dependent upon which form you use. A 3-pin socket is okay if you have plenty of time to spare, but they can take a while to charge your Jaguar.

Wallboxes significantly reduce the time needed to charge and are a convenient way of charging your Jaguar overnight or throughout the day.

Discover an electric Jaguar with Stratstone

On the grand scheme of things, the process of charging an electric Jaguar is fairly straightforward. Whilst there are a few things, you may need to double-check or familiarise yourself with, charging an EV is no more convenient than refuelling a traditionally-powered car at a petrol station.

If you are tempted by an electric Jaguar and want to find out more information or take one for a test drive, your nearest Stratstone Jaguar retailer will be able to assist.