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Introducing the Jaguar hybrid and electric range

Many people in the motoring world are transitioning to an electric vehicle (EV) and Jaguar have met the changing demands by introducing their first all-electric car, along with plug-in electric hybrid options.

Reduced emissions, enhanced fuel economy and instant acceleration are the key benefits that can be identified by just scratching the surface of Jaguar's hybrid and electric range.

Not only do they offer the fantastic all-electric I-PACE, with zero tailpipe emissions and silent sports-car performance, they also offer the luxury F-PACE and E-PACE SUVs with plug-in electric hybrid technology.

If you are not yet ready to plug your vehicle in to charge the battery, you could consider one of Jaguar's new models with mild hybrid technology (MHEV). The F-PACE, E-PACE, XE, and XF combine an efficient petrol or diesel engine with a powerful underfloor battery to enable the engine to switch off in certain circumstances, to significantly lower CO2 emissions and deliver improved fuel economy.

Jaguar Charging

Drivers of electrified Jaguar vehicles can reap the many benefits of Jaguar Charging - an exclusive charging service that gives owners of both new and used Jaguar vehicles access to a wide range of charging points across the UK.

Owners of plug-in hybrid and all-electric Jaguar vehicles will receive a key, which can be used at any station to begin charging. Access to the various networks and more information can also be accessed via the Jaguar Charging app.

As part of the manufacturer's plan for an all-electric future, Jaguar Charging makes replenishing your vehicle's battery a quick and effortless task.

Jaguar Charging

What are the different types of hybrid and electric vehicles?

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Seamlessly combining performance and efficiency, Jaguar's hybrid and electric range is designed to further enhance the legendary expression from Jaguar's new car range, whilst providing the benefits of an electrified powertrain. 

Whether you go for the all-electric I-PACE or either of the plug-in electric hybrid luxury SUVs; the new F-PACE and new E-PACE; you are guaranteed to be impressed by the intelligent technology and uncompromised performance.

In order to full appreciate what these vehicles have to offer you can visit your nearest Stratstone Jaguar dealership for a test drive.