What Are the Euro 1 to 6 Car Emission Standards?

12th Sep 2017

As you search for the best scrappage scheme to suit you, it may be unclear about whether your vehicle meets the requirements.

With the movement towards a greener future and the government ban of diesel and petrol cars and vans by the year 2040, many car manufacturers are offering scrappage schemes. These can range from £1,000 to £10,000 discounts on lower emission cars when trading in your current vehicle.

However, the car being traded in must meet European emission standards, specific to whichever manufacturer. The one necessary condition is that the trade-in must be Euro 1-4.

So, what are the European Emissions Standards Euro 1 to Euro 6?

Development engineers are making a huge effort to fulfil current emission standards, so newly built vehicles (EU6) today only have about 10% of the emissions from a car in 1990.

To improve air quality, as years have passed, so have new regulations. In 1992, Euro 1 was introduced to reduce tailpipe emissions. Since then, cars have been gradually becoming cleaner and the current regulation, Euro 6 emission standards, is the greenest yet.

The emissions these standards are aiming to reduce harmful levels of are as follows:

- Nitrogen oxides
- Carbon monoxide
- Hydrocarbons
- Particular matter

If a car was manufactured between 1992 and 2010, the chances are it could meet the Euro 1-4 standards and could be eligible to be traded in and exchanged for a greener vehicle.

What euro emission standard is my car?

If you'd like to know whether your vehicle meets the Euro 1-4 standards, look at our table below.

Euro 1 1st July 1992 31st December 1992
Euro 2 1st January 1996 1st January 1997
Euro 3 1st January 2000 1st January 2001
Euro 4 1st January 2005 1st January 2006
Euro 5 1st September 2009 1st January 2011
Euro 6 1st September 2014 1st September 2015
Scrappage schemes are increasingly popular with people interested in replacing their older, less environmentally-friendly vehicles cars for newer, green cars.

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