Tips on How to Travel With Your Dog This Summer

05th Jul 2024

Written in partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Five tips for a stress-free car journey with your dog

We know that travelling with your pet in the car is essential if you want to explore new places and experience adventures with your furry friend this summer, and we are here to help make the car journey’s stress-free for your dog.

We are proud to partner with Battersea, and together provide expert advice to help you travel confidently with your pet this summer.

Before any car journey with your pet pooch this summer, make sure you follow these top tips:

Tip One: Restock on Essentials

Restock dog box with the essentials, including packing extra water and a collapsible bowl. Also, do not forget to take frequent beverage breaks so that your dog stays hydrated!

Tip Two: Consider Ventilation

Ensure there is good ventilation in the car, by either using AC or keep windows down [slightly to ensure your dog cannot jump out].

Small dog sitting in a carry cage that's in the back of a car

Tip Three: Prevent Overheating

On a hot day lay a cooling mat down for your dog to keep them from overheating.

Tip Four: Create Shade

Also make sure that you use shade covers or sunscreens on the windows, so that your dog does not have direct sun on them whilst you are travelling.

Tip Five: Secure Your Dog

Make sure your dog is secured safely in the car. Dog guards, harnesses, and crates are all suitable restraint options for your car, and each can be made as cosy as possible with familiar blankets, cushions, and your dog's favourite toy to help settle them down throughout the journey.

More advice from the experts

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to ease your dog's anxiety when it comes to travelling in the car, and with the expert Battersea advice above, you can help them feel as relaxed as possible on their trip. For more useful guidance, please visit our lifestyle section.