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Porsche is responsible for creating some of the world’s finest, most desirable sports and supercars. Their most infamous model – the Porsche 911, is one of the most iconic and much-celebrated cars available. Interestingly, some modern versions appear to be selling for incredible amounts recently, whilst classic and unique 911 models are also following suit.

On the other hand, some 911 models will also drop in value due to depreciation. Nevertheless, depreciation can actually be a wonderful thing. Cars which once seemed out of reach can become pleasantly affordable the older they get, meaning that a 911 may well be within reach after all.

We take a look at some of our favourites which have increased in value and the reasons behind their growth, making them some of the most expensive used Porsche 911’s out there.

1. 2016 Porsche 911 R (991-Generation)

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The 991-generation, Porsche 911 R is a perfect example of how rare Porsche 911 models are appreciating in value and becoming serious collector’s items, for Porsche aficionados and car enthusiasts worldwide. Just 991 (see what they did there?) examples of the 911 R were made, and were quickly snapped up by preferred Porsche customers.

Unenthusiastic onlookers may simply deem the 911 R as a 911 with ‘go-faster’ stripes added (you can incidentally spec a 911 R without stripes), but to the Porsche fanatic or avid petrolhead, this is perhaps the holy grail of 911’s. The 911 R came at a time when supercars and serious performance cars all seemed to distribute their unbelievable power via automatic, paddle-shift, F1-style gearboxes. This of course includes the awe-inspiring track focused 991-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which although superb, still left purists and Porsche enthusiasts crying out for an ultimate 911 with a manual gearbox. Step forward Porsche 911 R.

Porsche listened to the outcry and the 911 R was born, embracing an all-important, manual 6-speed gearbox. What’s more, the 911 R uses select parts from other ultra-successful 911’s, as well as a fine selection of bespoke parts to compliment this impressive creation from Stuttgart. The 911 R uses the same 4.0-litre, flat-six engine found in the Porsche GT3 RS, which develops an astounding 493bhp, whilst the body is based on that of a standard Porsche 911. In comparison, the GT3 RS itself (sibling of the 911 R) is a weapon of a car, which essentially set itself up as a race car for the road. With its race car inspired interior, body and huge rear wing – not forgetting the F1-like paddle-shift gearbox for the full race car experience, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is very much a car suited to the track, whereas the Porsche 911 R is a pure drivers Porsche, which very much excels on the road.

The 911 R happens to be a lightweight affair, making do without the aero wing which appears on the GT3 RS. The 911 R’s headline manual gearbox, which weighs considerably less than the auto gearbox found in other rapid 911’s also keeps weight low. The R also uses a titanium exhaust system for more weight saving wizardry, too. These all combine to create the 911 R’s lightweight delivery, which pays homage to the classic 911’s of yesteryear, as well as mimicking their analogue feel, resulting in the purist of driving experiences that 911 connoisseurs lust after.

These classic, analogue characteristics have meant that the 911 R is now seen as a holy grail in the 911 line up. In an era where cars either gain weight due to the inclusion of driving aids and technology, which in essence make the car heavy and less agile, and ultra-performance cars are more suited to a track, the 911 R goes back to basics and delivers a purer driving experience. These favoured characteristics now reflect in the 911 R pricing, as used examples of the sought after 911 R are more than double the original Porsche price when first sold. Incidentally, those who came to the April Nottingham Car Café car meet were lucky enough to experience an example of this rare 911 R which was finished in white, with contrasting red stripes, which caught the eye of many who attended.

2. 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic (997-Generation)

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Previous generation-997 911 models have a similar habit of appreciating. Take the 911 Sport Classic for example, which like the 911 R takes inspiration from classic Porsche 911’s. One of our Porsche Centres - Porsche Centre Wilmslow, was lucky enough to offer one for sale recently, thanks to excellent condition and low mileage it too has seen incredible appreciation on its original purchase price. Being an approved used Porsche is always going to be a bonus for the meticulous buyer, too.

But what’s so special about this particular 911? First of all, rarity plays a huge part, as only 250 examples of the Sport Classic were made. Other clues lie in the name, as this specific 911 gives a nod to its predecessors from the classic 911 era, with classic Porsche styling features. Therefore, the most striking changes over a regular 911 (997) are the ‘Sport Classic Grey’ paintwork, and a ‘Ducktail’ rear spoiler, as seen on classic ‘70’s 911’s such as the Carrera RS. ‘Fuchs’ style alloy wheels, first seen on classic Porsche models introduced from 1966 also add to the classic themed nostalgia. Incidentally, the Sport Classic uses a C4S body – normally housing four-wheel drive, however the 911 Sport Classic is rear-wheel drive, for another pure Porsche driving experience.

Performance wise, the Sport Classic gets a small boost in power, giving 402bhp, capable of propelling the Sport Classic from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 188mph. By no means is this the fastest 911 ever, but arguably one of the prettiest.

Examples of this particular Porsche, now command a tall premium over the original sale price, and it’s easy to see why. Low production numbers, iconic classic styling and exclusivity all play a part in making this another fine example of the 911 story.

3. 2010 Porsche 911 GT2RS (997-Generation)

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Another low production number 911, again from the 997-generation, this time in the form of the hugely powerful 911 GT2 RS. Housing a colossal 620bhp, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS was the most powerful Porsche to leave the infamous Stuttgart factory back in 2010 with a 0-60 sprint accomplished in mind blowing 3.4 seconds, which could then continue to baffle its passengers all the way up to 205mph! This particular example was also once for sale as an approved used Porsche at our Porsche Centre Wilmslow.

Only 500 GT2 RS models were made, which is perhaps the tell-tale sign to this car’s impressive appreciation in price too. That, and the fact it looks pure evil, but being the most powerful Porsche to leave the factory in 2010, it couldn’t really look unintimidating, could it?

For the 911 GT2 RS, one turbo simply wouldn’t do. Therefore, this savage 911 came with twin-turbocharging and all of its monumental power was sent through a purist-favourited manual gearbox, which was distributed to the road via rear-wheel drive. It goes without saying that the GT2 RS had the recipe to be a hardcore drivers’ car.

Porsche ‘Composite Ceramic Brakes’ were needed to stop the monstrous power and new tyres were also specially developed to ensure all the cars performance was able to be utilised. Carbon fibre was used throughout giving the GT2 RS its lightweight, most notably the bare carbon bonnet which adds to the sinister race car-like look along with lightweight, two-piece bucket seats which again used carbon fibre. All this made the GT2 RS the most hardcore 911 going and it is still regarding as a gem in Porsche 911 history and one which again commands a much higher price now, than when it did at launch.

So, there you have it, the 911 R gives a pure driving experience, the Sport Classic offers classic beauty, whilst the GT2 RS is for those who demand the most hardcore of driving experiences. Which would you have?

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