Exploring the New Land Rover Defender's Interior

13th May 2021

Here is a vehicle that needs no introduction

Launched at the end of 2019, the new Land Rover Defender was highly anticipated as it had some big 'wheels' to fill. Once revealed, it divided opinions but people have now come to realise it successfully manages to appeal to a wide mass of motorists.

Although there are endless differences with the new Defender compared to its predecessor they also manage to have a lot in common. The icon has been modernised and redesigned for the 21st century, whilst managing to retain its heritage and renowned boxy shape.

A key area where these vehicles differ is within the cabin, say goodbye to the simplistic and utilitarian design as you are now welcomed by a wealth of state-of-the-art technology and plush materials, reminding occupants they are in a luxurious SUV that just so happens to be one of the most capable off-roaders on the market.

Continue reading as Paige, our Digital Content Executive, delves into some of the features that came as standard in the Defender 90 First Edition she borrowed from Stratstone Land Rover Nottingham, some may be an optional extra dependent on model.

ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror

ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror

All seats occupied by passengers and the boot loaded to its maximum capacity? In this situation a driver's rear view is normally obstructed, however, an intelligent feature in the new Land Rover Defender, known as the ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror, abolishes this issue.

Equipped as standard on the First Edition, XS Edition, X, V8 and Carpathian Edition or available as a cost-option on all other models; the ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror uses a live video feed enabling drivers to see what is behind them, regardless of anything blocking the rear window.

A simple switch at the bottom can swap between the normal rear mirror mode, that is well recognised in vehicles, to the ClearSight view. You can also easily change the brightness and alter the angle.

The main bonus of this feature is how clear the quality is and how it prevents glare from the headlights of vehicle's behind.

ClearSight Ground View

ClearSight Ground View

If you are planning on taking the new Land Rover Defender off-roading, this standard feature will be your saviour.

Essentially, ClearSight Ground View allows drivers to 'see through' the bonnet; ensuring you can tackle and terrain in complete confidence.

As part of the 3D Surround Camera system, this feature displays a clear view of the front underside of the vehicle on the 10-inch central touchscreen.

To see this portrayed on the touchscreen you simply select the camera icon on the bottom right of the screen and select 'off-road' mode.

Although aimed at the off-roaders, this will also provide assistance in urban environments when trying to manoeuvre around obstacles or parking.

Pivi Pro Infotainment System

Pivi Pro Infotainment

Sitting proud in the centre of the cabin is Land Rover's seamless Pivi Pro Infotainment System, which is straightforward to use and home to an array of interesting features.

Accessed through a crisp 10-inch touchscreen, you can create a customised profile for multiple people, allowing each individual to connect their smartphone, select their favourite radio stations and customise their home screen.

As the system is intuitive, when you select an existing profile it will remember recently used navigation destinations and can store your work and home address.

In addition to the media system, navigation and smartphone access; there are endless menu options, some of our favourites include:

  • Tow bar - allowing you deploy the tow bar if you have the deployable tow ball fitted
  • Valet mode - enables the vehicle to be driven and locked by a parking attendant, without providing access to the loadspace or use of the touchscreen
  • Wade sensing - designed to assist the driver through water by calculating the depth of water adjacent to the vehicle
  • 4x4i INFO - displays information on vehicle roll, altitude, bearing, differential lock status, wheel spin status, active off-road driving systems, vehicle pitch, suspension movement and camera icons

Front Jump Seat

Jump Seat Folded Down

If you have children, this feature will 100 percent be the best thing ever and you will never have trouble enticing them into the car again. Although if you have multiple, you may have a war on your hands as the front jump seat really is the only seat worth sitting in, in a child's opinion.

You have the option of having the sixth seat in place or you can manually fold it down to be presented with two cup holders. This middle front-row seat also comes in super handy for a handbag, when all other seats are occupied.

A flaw with the seat in-situ is that it can obstruct your view in the interior rear-view mirror. However, you can still easily see behind you thanks the the aforementioned ClearSight technology. When it comes to reversing you also get access to the the 360 degree camera on the Pivi Pro Infotainment System touchscreen.

Jump Seat and Folding Fabric ROof

Folding Fabric Roof

Folding Fabric Roof View

Are you ready for the full safari experience? Being the First Edition model, this 90 was fitted as standard with a folding fabric roof, this can be added as a cost-option to any 90 or 110 model apart from the XS Edition, V8 or Carpathian Edition.

On first impressions you may think this feature is just a 'gimmick' but we honestly thought it was one of the best features during the sunny and warm April weekend. When open you get that fresh air feeling of having the windows down but, if you have long hair like our driver does, you will not constantly be shifting it out of your eyes like you would with the windows down.

Rear-seat passengers also get the full benefit of the retracted roof as in the 3-door 90 they do not have access to opening windows, children love spotting aeroplanes and birds, too. Parents with children in child seats may initially be put off the idea of a 3-door car, however, with the roof open you can actually stand up in the back, which makes securing the children less of a challenge.

Once closed, road noise is non-existent and all occupants are protected from the unpredictable British weather.

Child Car Seats in Defender

Find your perfect new Land Rover Defender at Stratstone

Delivering a mixture of superior off-road performance, urban style and cutting-edge technology; the new Land Rover Defender is a brilliant concoction that can appeal to Land Rover enthusiasts or trendy drivers searching for a luxurious SUV.

Do not let its handsome looks or modernised components fool you though as this is just as prepared for challenging terrain as the toughest 4x4s on the market.

You can find out more about this iconic vehicle and explore the other members of the Defender family or you can contact your nearest Stratstone Land Rover retailer if you fancy a test drive.