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Aston Martin Victor: One of a Kind

09th Nov 2022

By Edward Cook

What is the Aston Martin Victor?

We are all aware of the unrivalled quality found in the Aston Martin model line-up, but every so often, the British marque comes up with something utterly special. Step forth the Victor.

The Aston Martin Victor is a hypercar like no other, and with only a single vehicle produced, it truly is one of a kind. Distinctive aesthetics, unbound performance, and a sonorous soundtrack are elements which craft a properly unique character.

We explore the Aston Martin Victor and its features in more detail and discover why there is nothing else like it.


Aston Martin Victor Exterior Front

The Victor name is associated with a variety of icons and symbols. There is the Handley Page Victor, a well-known Cold War strategic bomber, and of course the definition of the word itself; 'to defeat your enemies'. However, these are not quite as befitting as Aston Martin's reasoning for the Victor name.

Victor Gauntlett is an individual that was instrumental in saving Aston Martin from dissolution in the 1980s, and the car's name is a tribute to his life. Gauntlett's passion for cars was pivotal, as he led Aston Martin to new realms and was responsible for the launch of the Virage, reignited the British marque's Zagato relationship, and oversaw Aston Martin's charge on the world of motorsports.

The car shares much of its characteristics with the man himself, and Aston Martin has done an incredible job of encapsulating what the Gauntlett era was all about.


Aston Martin Victor Plaque

The Victor features a traditional layout, much like what you would expect to see within an Aston Martin of the 1980s. Rear-wheel drive, a manual gearbox, and a hearty V12 powertrain all feature on what is essentially the same platform as that used in two of Aston Martin's other million-pound-plus cars, the One-77 and the Vulcan.

Courtesy of the engineers over at Cosworth, the 7.3-litre V12 produces a staggering 863bhp and 613lb ft of torque, which is 86bhp and 60lb ft more than the unit found in the One-77. This allows the Victor to go from 0 to 62mph in an estimated 3.1 seconds, and with a top speed of over 200mph, it means serious business.

Those that have been fortunate enough to experience the Victor have stated that it is every bit as bonkers to drive as its Vulcan counterpart, and for a car that is designed to epitomise Aston Martin both on track and off it, that is quite the achievement. Despite its raw power and manual gearbox, the Victor is very well-balanced, giving you every bit of confidence you need to try to tame a car of this nature.


Aston Martin Victor Exterior Side

Respect where respect is due, the team at Q by Aston Martin have produced a machine that is a marvel to look at.

An intoxicating culmination of ferocity and grace, it is like nothing else, yet still instantly recognisable as an Aston Martin. Its distinct silhouette harks back to plenty of iconic Aston Martin coupés from throughout the years, whilst a range of bespoke features ensure it looks great by modern standards, too.

With its sleek ducktail rear wing and Vantage-like muscular approach, it is retro in all the best ways. Crafted from carbon fibre, the bodywork's aerodynamics have been rigorously tested and produce 60 percent more downforce than Aston Martin's GT4 race car.

Unlike its track-focussed siblings, the Victor is designed to be used away from race circuits too, so the Q division integrated race ready features in a way that is both road legal and subtle. Individual rear light pipes and side-exit exhaust pipes round off what is a meticulously thought through vehicle.


Aston Martin Victor Steering Wheel

Inside, the Victor is equally appealing, again blending modern touches with eighties style. Much of the interior is taken from the Vulcan, including the steering wheel and centre screen, although they have been modified to ensure they are suitable for road use. But this interior is by no means a recreation of the Vulcan's, instead it is a stunning reimagining.

The showstopper is the exposed suspension push rods, which are surrounded by high-end green leather and visible through the rear window. Whilst it is never going to be the most practical of cars, this has not been forgotten, with a surprising amount of load space for a bag or so of luggage, should the car ever be used in that manner.

Elsewhere, the cockpit is crafted using fine materials including carbon fibre components, a cashmere roof lining, and wooden accents to forge a retro yet contemporary finish. The driving position is also well-configured, with green leather seats providing plenty of support when throwing the Vulcan into sharp manoeuvres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aston Martin Victor Rear Lights

How much does the Aston Martin Victor cost?

As a private commission from Q by Aston Martin, official costs have not been released. However, rumours have it at around £4 million to £5 million.

Who owns the Aston Martin Victor?

Revealed at the Concourse of Elegance in 2020, the Aston Martin Victor was commissioned for an extremely passionate, anonymous Aston Martin enthusiast and collector.

How many Aston Martin Victors were made?

The Aston Martin Victor is a one-off special edition, which means only one car will ever be produced.

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