BMW M5 CS | The Definitive Textbook Super Saloon

06th Feb 2024

By Kenny Longdon


It was 1985 when BMW unveiled the very first M5. It was a handbuilt affair and cemented a solid foundation that has gone on to be the textbook answer for the 'super saloon'.

The back catalogue of BMW M5 models is properly iconic, with V8 and V10 engine masterpieces, as well as textbook 6-cylinder goodness.

The latest F90 generation did not really need any more polishing, what with its 4.4-litre twin turbo V8, dynamic yet refined drive and the ability to sit on an Autobahn at constant high speeds with no problem. But, at a time when the world was trying to get back to normal after 2020, in 2021 BMW decided to deploy a further enhancement to its halo M5 model.

Enter, the BMW M5 CS.

Why was the BMW M5 CS made?


When talking about BMW M cars, CS models tend to come at the end of the car's lifecycle, a final hurrah, if you will. Therefore, you will find CS versions in the legendary BMW M3 generations, along with a BMW M4 CS, and also a BMW M2 CS, all sporting even more driver-focused upgrades, along with bespoke detailing only found on CS models.

The M5 CS happens to also be the very first BMW M5 to be made in a CS variant, and with less than 100 units coming to the UK, the BMW M5 CS is properly rare.

It is certainly a model for those who want the very best from the F90 generation of M5, whilst also cementing itself as a properly sought-after BMW M car for petrolheads and collectors alike, along with being the last BMW M5 to feature a sole internal combustion engine.

What makes the BMW M5 CS so special?


Being a CS, it is naturally lighter than the M5 Competition model, being leaner by 70kg along with having 10bhp more.

A 10bhp increase does not sound much, but coupled with a 70kg weight reduction, the BMW M5 CS takes just 3.0-seconds to get from 0 to 62mph.

The engine is still a 4.4-litre V8 with twin turbos, but it revs quicker and there is generally more urgency about it.

Six-pot carbon-ceramic brakes not only look great, but also ensure the M5 CS stops as well as it goes.

Coming standard in Brands Hatch Grey Metallic, with BMW Individual colours Frozen Brands Hatch Grey Metallic and Frozen Deep Green Metallic, the latter being the launch colour shown in our photos.

A special Gold Bronze finish was chosen for the iconic BMW grille surround, along with the 20-inch forged light alloy wheels. Special lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic is also used for the roof, bonnet, front splitter, mirror caps, rear spoiler and rear diffuser.

The Nürburgring Connection to the BMW M5 CS


The Nürburgring Nordschleife, also known as 'The Green Hell' is arguably the world's toughest and most notorious racetrack.

Depending on the track's particular set-up (there are several) the Nürburgring Nordschleife is just under twelve miles when referring to the 'Bridge to Gantry' length, or just under thirteen miles if using the full lap length.

With over 150 corners, it is considered the ultimate test for any car. Naturally, the Nürburgring Nordschleife was integral to the BMW M5 CS's development, and features the iconic track layout on each of its four seats head restraints.

With such reference, you are instantly drawn to the M5 CS' serious nature, with an unofficial lap time in the region of 7 minutes and 29 seconds, making it faster than sports cars from rival manufacturers.

The BMW M5 CS has amazing seats


Bucket seats are the epitome of race car, and therefore many performance, sports and supercars feature them.

Then there is the BMW M5 CS, which takes it one step further, and adds them to the rear too.

The end result is a truly unique four-seat set-up (the M5 usually has five seats) but when it looks this cool and unique, who cares about losing a bit of extra practicality.

This means, whether you are in the front or rear of this special M car, you will have the necessary body hugging seat to keep you pinned in, whilst the car does its best to defy the laws of physics.

Chris Harris owned a BMW M5 CS


There is a strong chance you know who Chris Harris is, if you are reading a blog about this special BMW.

But for those at the back, Mr Harris is rather good when you put him behind the wheel of a car, amongst other things like writing about them.

With the sheer amount of cars he drives and has access too, it is quite the accolade that he once owned a BMW M5 CS, along with a BMW M2 CS for good measure, too. Fair to say, he has great taste in cars then, as he also has had his fair share of Porsche 911 models too.

And if you need any more indication on how good the BMW M5 CS is, Chris went as far as expressing on his Instagram that - "This car. 15 months in it's still the best road car I've driven. Not sure how BMW M can top the M5 CS'"

With Chris Harris having driven pretty much all the important performance, sports and supercars out there, that is quite the testament for the BMW M5 CS.

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