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Do you know someone who deserves something extra special? We've put together our top gifts to give any car enthusiast a thrill no matter what the occasion. From hands on experiences to hair-raising sound systems, you're bound to add a touch of luxury to someone's day with our top treats.

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia

There are endless reasons to visit Shelsley Walsh, one of which being to get stuck into the most anticipated event in the Shelsley calendar, Classic Nostalgia. Celebrating all things retro, Classic Nostalgia takes guests back to the pre 1980's with iconic racing vehicles on display and legends going head to head on the famous hill climb track. This is a truly action packed weekend. To take you back even further, expect to embrace nostalgia of pre-war time as you're surrounded by a vintage-inspired atmosphere complete with pencil skirts, tweed and plenty of lindy hop!

Give someone the gift of exclusivity and surprise them with a Stratstone Hospitality Package, and a date to add to their social diary. As part of the Stratstone Club guests will enjoy the designated VIP areas and receive top hospitality throughout the day, including tempting treats and a complimentary bar. Not to mention fantastic views of the start line from our Stratstone Grandstand.

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MINI Tricycle

MINI doesn't just stop at cars, from miniature MINI's to clothing and bags there is something for everyone to enjoy this Christmas, including little ones. If your MINI is your pride and joy we wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to keep little hands off! So since they can't play with the real thing, MINI have launched an exciting kid's collection for budding enthusiasts. Let them go full speed ahead on the MINI Easy Rider. Built on a metal frame, it features a battery powered LED lamp and bell and is finished off with the stand out MINI logo. To complete the look, a racing stripe covered seat and noise cancelling wheels with a MINI rim design give it the distinctive MINI style.

Suitable for children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 and available in either red or black. Maybe the best things do come in MINI packages!

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Porsche Sound Bar

Time to turn it up? Celebrate loud and experience the melody of a pure sports car, the Porsche 911 GT3. If you know someone who can't get enough of the sound of utter exhilaration, the Porsche sound bar is the perfect gift to raise the roof. A combination of pioneering technology and timeless taste, Porsche has designed another masterpiece, but this time not built on four wheels. The Porsche sound bar is a 2.1 virtual sound system which has been meticulously crafted from an original rear silencer and twin exhaust module of a racing legend. Plug in your favourite music and enjoy the authentic sound experience of a Porsche wherever you are. Expect a deeper, louder audio experience and a higher maximum volume! Imagine the party's you could have?

Available at our Porsche Centres today.

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Bremount Jaguar MK11 Watch

When technology and racing heritage come together beautiful things happen. With a range of watches dedicated to the Jaguar E-Type, Bremount has successfully captured one of the most iconic sports cars in a delicate and innovative way. The Bremount Jaguar range is a truly British collaboration.

 The MK11 watch takes those who showcase it back to the prime time of sports car motoring in a celebration of the elegant and simple style of the original Jaguar MK11, which is subtly replicated through their range. Beautifully decorated to reflect the characteristics of the E-Type, there is fine attention to detail. Similar to the Jaguar range, Bremount watches are the epitome of exceptional refinement with each detail of the watch paying honour to the E-Type. Encased in a sapphire crystal compartment the mechanisms are styled intricately to honour the MK1 and are completed with the iconic Jaguar heritage logo on the face. It has a vintage appearance which is timeless and unmistakeably Jaguar.

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RBSS Shooting Gift Package

Know someone who likes the rush of adrenaline? If you do, a Royal Berkshire gift package is the gift that will score you some points! One of the vastest shooting grounds in the country, the Royal Berskhire Shooting School has been established for over two decades, employing professional shooting instructors to host a fantastic day for guests regardless of their shooting experience.

Clay pigeon shooting is an exciting activity to be enjoyed by all, that's why the RBSS have put together some cracking packages for your loved ones, and thrill seekers. From extravagent clay days to introductory lessons, there is something for everyone to enjoy regardless of whether they're a shooting pro or a complete beginner. Perfect for first timers, thrill someone with a one hour introductory lesson with an expert, included in the price of the shooting session is hire of a shotgun, safety equipment in addition to 100 cartridges and clays. Let someone unleash their competitive streak!


Aston Martin ipad Case Folio BZ

Do you know someone who is tech savvy and appreciates the finer things in life? If you're looking for the perfect present, the Aston Martin ipad case is certainly a box ticker. Help them keep their favourite items in check whilst adding a touch of luxury to their everyday. Considering the fine crafting which goes into building the iconic motor car, you won't be surprised to discover that the Folio BZ has been designed to look just as exquisite as your favourite Aston Martin and impresses with its purposeful design.

This premium accessory is well suited to the everyday, featuring multi-purpose pockets and card holding compartments it has an easy to carry design and is finished by a bold yet sophisticated zip closure which sets off the overall look.
Made with high quality leather the Folio BZ is available in three colours, black with red stitching, brown with orange stitching and tan with yellow stitching. This is the gift that offers style and substance.

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Scuderia Ferrari Ultra-Light Watch

Not only do Ferrari produce some of the most acclaimed sports cars, they also have an exclusive Ferrari merchandise line offering a tempting selection of unique gifts perfect for any Ferrari fanatic.

Take a it up a gear and give someone the gift of Ferrari to unwrap. Joining the trend of ultra-slim watches, Scuderia fans will be delighted to know that Ferrari has launched the Scuderia ultra-light which is sheer candy for your arm. Showcasing the perfect balance of sporty poise and vintage tones, the Scuderia watch is inspired by great races and timeless style. Living up to its luxurious reputation. Speak to Stratstone Ferarri for more information.

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Date updated: 14/02/2017