What is Land Rover InControl?

15th Aug 2023

by Heather Lewis

Land Rover Infotainment

As infotainment systems go, there is a plethora to explore, with each brand having their own take on the classic entertainment unit. And Land Rover is no different.

In the world of modern luxury vehicles, Land Rover has consistently set itself apart as a pioneer of cutting-edge technology and innovation. One of the standout features that exemplifies Land Rover's commitment to enhancing the driving experience is Land Rover InControl.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about Land Rover InControl including its features, benefits and how it can elevate your driving experience.

What is Land Rover InControl?

Land Rover InControl Vehicle Information

Land Rover InControl is a collection of advanced technologies that seamlessly integrate with your Land Rover vehicle to provide a heightened level of convenience, connectivity, and control.

It encompasses a range of features and services that are designed to enhance your driving experience by making every journey safer, more enjoyable, and ultimately more connected.

The starting point for drivers is the touchscreen infotainment, which houses this system. The version of InControl you have in your vehicle will determine what this screen looks like.

What are the different versions of Land Rover InControl?

Land Rover InControl Car Interior


The first-generation version of InControl, Touch, features an 8-inch touchscreen with multimedia entertainment and navigation services.

Older Land Rover models are more likely to feature the 'Touch' generation of InControl and whilst it offers all the basic components you would need from an infotainment system, the next generations really ramp up the driving experience even more.

Touch Pro

Touch Pro is the middle ground for the InControl system and comes with a 10-inch touchscreen. It has great touch accessibility with handy gestures like pinch-to-zoom, touch and swipe, to control all the applications you use.

This version of InControl also allows for intelligent voice recognition, so you can control all your favourite apps without even needing to touch the screen.

Touch Pro Duo

The latest generation of InControl, Touch Pro Duo, features two 10-inch HD touchscreens that work together to provide you with the best driving experience possible.

This top-of-the-range system is available on the higher specification models and lets you use multiple features at once across the two screens.

Key features of Land Rover InControl

Land Rover InControl Applications

The features available in your vehicle depend on what version of InControl you have, but all generations of InControl have the same basic features you will need, including navigation, a high-quality sound system, head-up display, and DAB radio.

As you move up the range, you get even more features to enjoy. Some of these include rear seat entertainment, digital TV, online media that connects to your favourite music and entertainment accounts, and controls for multiple cabin features such as temperature and Terrain Response.

Land Rover vehicles also have a range of driver assistance features and InControl only enhances these, with the easily accessible touchscreen coming in handy for parking and other vehicle manoeuvres.

Benefits of Land Rover InControl

Land Rover InControl Phone App

As with any infotainment system, Land Rover InControl provides an added sense of convenience for the driver as you can access all the apps, entertainment, and features you need whilst driving.

It also helps keep you connected by allowing you to make calls and connect to navigation services using voice recognition.

Safety is also a big benefit to Land Rover InControl as the system lets you access everything you require through the touchscreen on the dashboard, so you can avoid looking at things like your phone or other controls; everything is in one clear and easy place to see.

There is also a phone app that allows you to remotely control aspects of your vehicle from your phone such as remote start, lock and unlock, and cabin preconditioning.

A final benefit of Land Rover InControl is the customisation and personalisation that is available to you. All your favourite apps and features can be found in one place, and you can customise your preferences for these using the My Land Rover InControl website.

Stay Connected with Stratstone Land Rover

Land Rover InControl is more than just a collection of features; it is an intelligent software that transforms the way you interact with your Land Rover vehicle. From remote control and connectivity to advanced safety features and personalised settings, InControl elevates your driving experience immensely.

Whether you are embarking on a cross-country road trip or navigating city streets, Land Rover InControl ensures that you are always connected, in control, and driving with confidence.

To find out more about Land Rover vehicles and features, you can contact your nearest Stratstone Land Rover retailer today.