What is MINI Connected and How Do I Use It?

03rd Jan 2023

By Edward Cook

What is MINI Connected?

MINI is a brand that often equips its cars with a range of intuitive gadgets that are seldom seen on much of its competitors, one of which is MINI Connected.

MINI Connected is a suite of digital services that aim to make your time behind the wheel of a MINI model more convenient. From automatic emergency assistance, to a smartphone application, the system is ready to be used in a wide variety of scenarios, unlocking further capabilities from your car's technology.

We have explored the system in more detail below, allowing you to make the most of what MINI Connected has to offer.

How to use MINI Connected

MINI Clubman Exterior Front Driving on Cobbled Road in Town

The MINI Connected suite has a variety of possibilities, and this is one of its major strengths, so there is not 'one way' to use it. However, much of the MINI Connected technology is housed within your car's infotainment system, so that is where you can find them.

The first thing we would recommend is to download and connect the MINI Connected app to your car (more on this below), as this will give you access to the widest range of services. Once this is done, you are able to access MINI Connected tools such as Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth commands, and concierge services that help you find local points of interest using live navigation data.

If you drive a MINI hybrid or electric vehicle, you can also access eDrive services that help you to plan routes, find a charging station, and view battery data amongst other features.

The MINI Connected App

Male in Passenger Seat of Car on the MINI Connected Mobile Application

As well as your car's infotainment system, the MINI Connected smartphone application acts as a hub for the suite of connected services. You can download the application from your phone's respective app store, enter your car's details, and the app should provide you with details on what services are available for your specific model.

Within the application, you can view live status updates that notify you of potential risks such as unlocked doors, access servicing or maintenance information, and review generic vehicle information such as mileage. Again, hybrid and electric MINI drivers can also view EV related information and 'Scan & Charge', which is a time efficient way of recharging your vehicle.

Most impressively, you are able to adjust various car settings and controls remotely through the mobile application, allowing you to precondition your climate control, which proves particularly handy during hot summer days and colder winter periods.

How to Update MINI Connected

Female in Passenger Seat of Car on the MINI Connected Mobile Application

Throughout your vehicle's life, MINI may release various updates that resolve software issues or implement new features, so it is important you know how to update your MINI Connected System.

The way you update your vehicle will depend on the model year. Older examples may require you to insert a USB device into your car that has the software update downloaded. You should be able to find any software updates that are available to download on MINI's website, place the file on a USB drive, then consult your vehicle's handbook on how to install the update.

More recent models will most likely offer what is known as over-the-air updates, allowing you to update your MINI Connected system wirelessly. Details on how to do this should be within your owner's manual, but your nearest Stratstone MINI Retailer will be able to advise on the latest updates or any issues with a MINI Connected system.

MINI Connected Packages and Services

Rear of a MINI Electric Driving on the Las Vegas Strip

On top of the standard MINI Connected service, there are a range of additional packages and services that you can opt for that provide further connectivity. It is worth bearing in mind that these services may require a subscription that can come at an extra cost. Full details of pricing for additional services can be found on MINI's website.

Digital Packages

There are various digital packages to choose from, each offering different amounts of connectivity. The 'Connected Media Package' provides access to the core suite of MINI Connected services. The 'Connected Navigation Package' is the next step-up, unlocking the likes of map updates, eDrive data, and real-time traffic information.

Digital Services

One digital service that you can integrate into the MINI Connected system is 'MINI Service Inclusive'. This covers the costs of your annual service and allows you to view service documents and details within the mobile app. Service prices are also fixed, meaning you can rest assured knowing servicing is paid for, should costs go up.

There are also 'Remote Services', which allow you to control certain functions of your car remotely, lock and unlock doors, and pre-configure navigation routes, amongst other features.

Which cars come with MINI Connected?

MINI Connected is available on a wide range of both new and used MINI models. Specific details on which services are available can be found on the MINI Connected mobile application, you will just need your vehicle's VIN number to get started.

If you are looking to purchase a MINI with the Connected suite, your options include:

Discover MINI with Stratstone

Plenty of drivers seek an experience that keeps them ever-connected with their car, being able to access settings and details on the go, wherever they are, and the MINI Connected services offer exactly that. Being available on a wide range of cars and offering services to cater for a variety of needs, there is plenty of customisation available.

If you are looking to experience MINI Connected yourself, please contact your nearest MINI Stratstone retailer for an in-depth demonstration.