Top 5: Best MINI Countryman Accessories in 2024

05th Jan 2023

By Ellie Brown

MINI Countryman Accessories

The Countryman has proved itself a worthy addition to the MINI range, capturing all the adored traits of the brand in a versatile package. Family adventures are an effortless and enjoyable experience in the Countryman, and MINI only enhance the active lifestyle further with various accessories to customise your vehicle.

Whether you are the nature-loving type who enjoys being outdoors with your furry friend, or you spend most of your time on long distance journeys with the family, there is sure to be a MINI accessory for your Countryman.

We have put together our top five MINI accessories to add a bit of extra pizazz to your motor, perfect for the adventurous and practical drivers.

Dog Guard

MINI Dog Guard

Kicking off our list is something that is important to many - dog safety. Our pets are important to us, and it is important to ensure our furry friends are safe and comfortable when bringing them along for a ride.

Whether you are visiting the vet, going for an exciting dog walk, or taking your dog on a cross-country adventure, dog guards are an essential accessory to have. According to the highway code, when in a vehicle, you must “make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained, so they cannot distract you while you are driving”.

MINI dog guards are developed to make fitting and removal an easy task and are ideal to keep everything in place if you are transporting a large amount of items in the boot of your Countryman. With the MINI dog guard, you can rest easy knowing your pooch is safe and comfortable, even on the wildest of journeys.

Rear Bicycle Carrier

MINI Bike Rack

If summer bike rides around the countryside is something that entices you, the rear bicycle carrier developed for the MINI Countryman is an ideal feature to have. Fortunately, the boot of your MINI will still be completely accessible with the rear bike rack installed, thanks to the accessory's tilt function.

Sturdy is an understatement with the bike rack accessory, as it can hold the weight of two bikes (up to 60kg) with ease, so there is no need to panic about any dangerous incidents on the road.

Perhaps you would like to escape the city life for a bike ride in the country, or you are planning on an adventurous family holiday. Either way, the rear bicycle carrier makes life a lot easier for those who live an active lifestyle.


MINI Roof Tent

Are you waiting for the day a MINI motorhome comes on the market? Well, MINI are one step closer with their roof tent, created for the Countryman in conjunction with AUTOHOME, specialists in automotive roof tents.

The AUTOHOME roof tent can be easily mounted on the roof of your Countryman, and features a solid aluminium ladder to allow users to climb up to access the tent. Inside the roof tent, you will find enough room to sleep two, with a high-density mattress, two doors, and two windows with zips for added comfort and convenience.

All openings are home to mosquito nets, to help fend off unwanted critters on those summer camping trips, along with a battery operated LED light, luggage nets, and pockets to stow your personal items for extra piece of mind.

It has truly never been more convenient to plan a summer camping trip than with the AUTOHOME roof tent, so load up the car, pack some marshmallows for toasting, and venture out for a night under the stars.

All Weather Mats

MINI All Weather Mats

No one enjoys the muddy mess on the inside of their car after a long winter walk, but dirt is often unavoidable when it comes to your vehicle's interior. Genuine MINI floor mats add a welcome touch of extra protection to the floor of your Countryman.

Transporting wet equipment, dirty clothes, or a messy pooch are made easy with the floor mats, as they are completely waterproof, removable, and easy to wipe clean.

Not only are the MINI all weather floor mats practical, they can add a real touch of style to your Countryman's interior. Featuring the brand's well-loved MINI symbol and embossed textile trim, they are a stylish must-have in all Countryman models.

Roof Rack

MINI Roof Rack

Ever had to leave something behind because it just will not fit in your car? This problem can occur even in vehicles as spacious as the Countryman, but with the versatile roof rack installed, there is no need to worry about maxing out your luggage space.

Exceptionally easy to install, the multifunctional roof rack system can be combined with all MINI roof rack mounts and roof boxes, so you can carry almost everything and anything on top of your vehicle. No need to worry about safety with the roof rack, as like all MINI products, it is a highly reliable and sturdy option.

Enjoy a relaxing bike ride with the roof cycle carrier, which can be fit to your roof rack and allows you to safely transport your touring or children's bikes. If it is extra storage you need, the sought after MINI roof box creates up to 320 litres of additional storage and is easy to mount on your roof rack.

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