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MINI Approved Servicing, MOT & Repairs

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MINI Service - Online Service Booking Reservation System

At Stratstone we are continuously looking at ways to improve your MINI experience and have pleasure in introducing our latest system enhancement allowing you to make a Service, M.O.T or Maintenance booking appointment online.

Designed to help streamline the current booking process, our new system is quick and easy to use, and will enable you to arrange a Service or MOT booking at a time that is convenient to you; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without the need to speak to a member of our MINI team.

Once your online reservation has been placed you will receive an e-mail confirmation detailing your exacting requirements, and from this point on all that is left is for our Service team to give you a very warm MINI welcome into our Dealership.

Alternatively, you can call our team on 0844 5564822 and we will respond to your enquiry immediately.

MINI Authorised Workshop

Our network of MINI Authorised Workshops, offer an unrivaled experience in all aspects of MINI Service and maintenance. Our MINI workshops are equipped with the latest technology and precision engineering that only a MINI Authorised workshop has access to of which meet the exacting standards required by MINI.

This means there is no team better equipped than a Stratstone MINI workshop team, ensuring we treasure your MINI the way you do.

In addition, our Factory trained MINI Aftersales team and MINI Techs have the unrivalled experience, brand knowledge and the commitment and passion to ensure your MINI Service experience with us enhances the reason you choose MINI.

What’s more all our MINI Trained team use state- of- the- art equipment in up-to-date MINI workshops. On top of the assurance that only MINI Qualified technicians will be entrusted to work on your pride and joy.

Authorised Workshop

Conditional Based Servicing (C.B.S) - MINI Servicing Explained

 Service intervals a flashing icon on your dashboard will tell you when your MINI needs a service. No guesswork needed.

Condition Based Service (CBS) your MINI key gives us data that tells us what needs servicing on your engine, so we only ever do what’s necessary.

Brake Pad Indicators your MINI automatically monitors the wear and tear on your brakes and will let you know when they need replacing.

Brake fluid at the push of a button your MINI will automatically tell you how long until this needs changing, usually about every 2 years.

Oil changes you should regularly check your oil levels and depending on your driving style, your oil should be fine for the first 12,000 miles. After then, you’ll probably need to change it every 20,000 miles which your local MINI Dealer can take care of for you.

MOT visit a MINI Dealer and get the experts to give you the low down on any potential problems. They’ll be able to rectify them so your MINI can pass its MOT with flying colours and may well be covered by MOT Protect

Vehicle check from dents and corrosion to tyre pressure and shock absorbers, your local MINI Dealer will give your MINI the ‘once over’ to check it’s in tip-top condition ready for you to drive away.

Condition Based Servicing

MINI Vehicle Healthcheck

At Stratstone all MINI vehicles visiting one of our MINI Authorised workshops receive a complimentary Vehicle Health Check, this is offered to ensure that your MINI is running in good order and as MINI’s engineers intended.

We take that responsibility and your safety very seriously and therefore ensure our technicians carry out visual inspection of the following areas of your MINI on any visit you have to us giving you continued and assured peace of mind.


Green - This item is in good condition

Amber - This item will need to be re-inspected before your next scheduled service, but it is not absolutely essential for you to complete this repair today

Red - We recommend that this item is repaired as a matter of urgency

Our Vehicle Health Check Includes:

  • Coolant level and anti-freeze strength
  • Condition of coolant hoses
  • Condition and adjustment of drive belts
  • Condition and security of exhaust system
  • Visual condition check and measurement of brake pads, discs
  • Condition and security of brake hoses
  • Operation and adjustment of handbrake
  • Condition of the battery using MINI tester
  • All internal instruments and controls
  • Condition and security of steering and suspension
  • Air conditioning effective?
  • Adjustment of windscreen washers and washer fluid level
  • Condition and security of wiper blades
  • Engine oil level
  • Clutch & Brake fluid level
  • Power steering System
  • Adjustment of tyre pressures incl. spare
  • Operation of all exterior lights

MOT Testing

So, you wish to pass your first MOT, wish you didn’t have to pay labour costs and wish you didn’t have to pay for replacement parts?

At Stratstone we will grant you three wishes for your first MOT.

These MOT wishes are granted for those fortunate ones who own a MINI under three years old. In the most unusual event of your MINI not passing its first MOT, you shall feel no pain in your pocket.

We will grant you the cost of repair or replacement on an array of bits and bobs (including your lamps) if they caused the failure of your test. MINI MOT Protect. Genius.

To get your wishes granted please follow our simply and easy online reservation process and allow us to take care of your MINI through its MOT.

Terms & Conditions for MINI MOT Protect.

MOT Protect is valid for the vehicle's first MOT only or Northern Ireland equivalent. Cost of MOT test or re-test, wheels, tyres, windscreen, brake pads and discs, modified/non MINI components, failure as a result of neglect and MOT advisories are not covered by MOT Protect. Repairs must be carried out by a MINI Approved Dealership within 30 days of the MOT inspection failure.

MINI TLC & TLC XL - Inflation Proof Service Plans

Do you currently own a MINI less than 5 Years Old and pay for your Servicing?

Nearly all MINI’s in the UK have free 5 years 50,000 mile servicing.

Contact us today and we will confirm your MINI has too.

In addition, if your MINI is approaching 5 years or 50,000 miles you can take our MINI TLC XL for a further 3 years and 30,000 miles for Only £275.00 (£1.56! per week invested to have your MINI serviced) It really is inflation-proof servicing for your MINI.


Servicing wrapped up for 5 years/50,000 miles

With MINI tlc you can relax in the knowledge that your servicing needs are covered for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. That means that parts, lubricants, labor and peace of mind are covered upfront.

So how do you benefit?

  • Fixed Cost/inflation-proof servicing
  • Full-service history stamped by MINI Service Authorised Workshop
  • A fully transferable package which may enhance the resale value of your MINI
  • Genuine MINI Parts fitted by MINI Approved Technicians


Servicing wrapped up for longer with MINI TLC XL.

For a great value price of only £275 you can have your servicing wrapped up for a further 3 years or 30,000 miles. Providing you with peace of mind for 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first.

So how do you benefit?

  • Fixed Cost/inflation-proof servicing
  • Full-service history stamped by MINI Service Authorised Workshop
  • A fully transferable package which may enhance the resale value of your MINI
  • Genuine MINI Parts fitted by MINI Approved Technicians

If you thought servicing your MINI couldn’t get any better value, then think again...

So when MINI tlc comes to an end make sure you’re on board with MINI TLC XL.


That’s easy, just contact a member of our MINI team and before you know it you’ll have your servicing wrapped up!

5 Day Price Guarantee

At Stratstone MINI our team is committed to ensuring that in the unlikely event your MINI requires Service or Maintenance work that our price quoted will be for Genuine MINI Parts of which are of superior quality and designed to operate with your MINI.

Just look for the signature on all our Genuine MINI Parts to retain your MINI's unique form and function, inside and out. A lot of thought and expertise goes into every one of the 20,000 components that typically make up your vehicle to ensure that you receive the best quality and performance.

As our repairs offer such a guarantee of reliability and quality we also offer our price guarantee and will guarantee to be lower priced for any like for like repair. You can, therefore, put your trust in us that any price we pass on to you will come with the guarantee and peace of mind that you have not compromised on your MINI and have paid a very reasonable price for work undertaken.

price guarantee

MINI Approved Body Repair

We've all had them: those heart-sinking moments when we first see the damage. Whether it's the scratch that appeared in the supermarket car park, the dent from that stray golf ball or the result of a bigger accident, any imperfection to your MINI is distressing.

Thankfully, every MINI Approved Bodyshop prides itself on returning your car to its original condition, whatever the damage. Below are examples of work that a MINI Approved Bodyshop can undertake.

Major repair – Simply Call MINI Accident Repair Service Direct On – 0800 777111

If your MINI suffers accident damage, bring it along to our MINI Approved Bodyshop. We have a wide range of expert repair services such as bumper scuff, stone chip and scratch treatment, trim replacement, and accident repair services.

All the repair work is completed by our MINI Approved Technicians who have the latest technology and techniques to restore your MINI to its former glory.

We use only Genuine MINI Parts and years of expertise, and we will ensure your MINI is returned to you in tip-top condition and back on the road in no time.

Accident Recovery Service


Should you and the apple of your eye get into a bit of a pickle, and your car can’t be driven, we’ll arrange for your car to be collected and delivered to your nearest MINI Approved Bodyshop, regardless of whether the accident is your fault or not. Here we’ll check out the damage for you and, if you like, repair it using the latest MINI wizardry.

And remember, even if your insurance company suggests its own approved repairer, you can still choose a MINI Approved Bodyshop.

MINI Accident Recovery 0800 777 101

If you are in an accident, remember:

  • Turn on your hazard lights and set up the warning triangle
  • Make sure you are as visible as possible
  • Swap details with third parties
  • Call 0800 777 111 and give your details to our team
  • Try not to worry. As long as you are OK, we’ll make sure your MINI is too