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MINI Connected

MINI Connected is a smartphone app that has been designed to keep you in sync with your MINI while making life more convenient

Stay Connected With Your MINI

MINI Connected is a smartphone application that allows you to pair your mobile device with your MINI. Working in tandem with your MINI, it boasts a number of key features that have been designed to enhance your experience.

A standout feature is the inclusion of Alexa intelligent assistant, which allows you to conveniently access your favourite entertainment services while receiving messages on the move.

Available on Android and iOS, MINI Connected is the app you will wish you had downloaded sooner.

Benefits of MINI Connected

Alexa Intelligent Assistant

Your personal MINI assistant, let Alexa take care of your calendar and to do lists via voice command while you focus on asking it to play your favourite playlist. This is convenience redefined.

Trip Planning and Assistance

Set up 'time to leave' notifications on MINI Connected and never worry about being late again. In addition, the app keeps all of your destinations in one place, leaving you to jump in and get on the move straight away.

Real Time Traffic Information

Traffic is inevitable in the modern world, but that does not mean you have to get stuck in it. MINI Connected keeps you up-to-date with real-time traffic information and even suggests alternate routes for most major cities.

MINI Findmate

If you are always misplacing your belongings then MINI Connected can help you find them again. Attach a Bluetooth tracking tag to your item of choice and pair it with your phone for updates on when you have forgotten that item.