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New BMW M4 Competition

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Introducing the New BMW M4 Competition 

Thanks to a growing model line-up and the opportunity to create new model segments entirely, the BMW M4 was born in 2014. The 4 Series model on which is the M4 is based was effectively a coupe version of the 3 Series, with BMW splitting coupes and saloon models with new names.

It's worth noting throughout its history, the M3 (the M4's direct sibling) had been offered in both saloon and coupe body styles, so the decision to split the coupes and saloon into a brand new model gave customers more choice, and of course meant BMW could target different segments.

One thing is for certain, more choice is only a good thing especially when a performance car like the M4 is involved. Discover this new generation BMW M4 Competition in more detail below.


Engines and Performance

BMW M4 Competition Rear Track

The M4 Competition features a hugely charismatic engine, sculptured to deliver an absurd amount of power. In this latest-generation G82 BMW M4 Competition lies a motorsport-inspired BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine, producing a monumental 503bhp.

This brand-new BMW M4 Competition follows tradition set by M cars previously in distinguishing all of its power via its rear-wheels for a supremely engaging and thrilling driving experience. This focused dedication to power and performance means that this latest version of the M4 Competition can complete 0 to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. 

The BMW M4 Competition Convertible uses the same engine, but opts for M xDrive all-wheel drive, meaning the 0 to 62mph time drops to 3.7 seconds. 

The M4 is able to deploy of its 503 horses via a state-of-the-art eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic, for instant, smooth gear changes.

Chassis and Handling

BMW M4 Competition Interior

BMW M stands for BMW Motorsport, so when it comes to handling and chassis expertise, you can guarantee biblical amounts of grip and poise in the new M4 Competition.

M Adaptive suspension enables ultra-high levels of grip, ensuring maximum tyre contact with the road surface. This ensures the driver has complete confidence, thanks to the system enhancing traction to deploy power easier and more effectively.

A superb addition to this all-new BMW M4 Competition is the inclusion of multiple driven wheel options. Available from launch with classic BMW M rear-wheel drive, handling and grip levels in the all-new M4 Competition will be enhanced further still, as an all-wheel drive M xDrive version will also become available. It is available now in the M4 Competition Convertible. 

Technology and Drive Modes

BMW M4 Competition Seats

From a car born from motorsport, and featuring a badge that stands for motorsport, the BMW M4 Competition is certainly not lacking in multiple settings and modes to toggle between.

Road, Sport and Track modes represent the day to day, sportier and track settings, along with configurable M1 and M2 modes to enable drivers to be able to configure and set their preferred preferences.

Three damper settings are available in the electronically controlled Adaptive M suspension, along with two brake pedal feel configurations, two steering settings, and ten stages of traction control.

The M4 Competition is a focused driver's car, so M Traction Control allows for the ability to perform controlled drifts - where legal (race tracks), for pure driving joy.

M4 Competition Models 

M4 Competition

  • 19"/20" Bicolour Black Double-spoke style 826 M forged alloy wheels
  • 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic
  • Extended Merino leather
  • Carbon Fibre interior trim
  • 12.3in digital instrument panel
  • 10.3in centrally mounted infotainment touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto


BMW M4 Competition Spec

M4 Competition Convertible

  • M xDrive all-wheel-drive system
  • 19"/20" Jet Black Double-spoke style 826 M forged alloy wheels
  • 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic
  • Panel bow softtop
  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

BMW M4 Competition Convertible

New BMW M4 Competition: Available to order now at Stratstone BMW

The BMW M4 Competition has been a welcome addition to the legendary BMW M range, and BMW M history.

This latest edition with bold new looks, over 500bhp and more settings and personalisation than ever before ensures that the popularity of BMW M is set to continue in fine fashion.

What's more, to give customers the chance to select between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants will appeal to new customers, which is great news for the brand.

Contact your local Stratstone BMW retailer today to order your brand new BMW M4 Competition.