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What is BMW xDrive?

No matter the season or terrain, BMW xDrive, BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive system, excels and keeps you in total control in varying conditions, allowing you to enjoy maximum driving pleasure without the need for worry. BMW xDrive has been created to give you ultimate confidence, when driving The Ultimate Driving Machine.

How does BMW xDrive work?

BMW 1 Series M135i Rear

In wet, snowy, icy, or muddy conditions, it is common for a vehicle’s front or rear wheels to lose grip, meaning driving can become more challenging, worrying and even dangerous.

With BMW xDrive, intelligent Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) sensors detect when the car loses the slightest levels of grip, and before you know it, using an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch, the xDrive system diverts the power to the set of wheels that have the best traction, reacting much faster than traditional, hydraulically-operated systems.

And unlike many other all-wheel drive alternatives, BMW xDrive is a fully variable system that can shift almost 100 percent of the power to either axle, offering instantaneous and effective transfer of engine power, reducing the chance of getting stuck or losing grip.

The results in BMW xDrive models holding the road exceptionally, no matter the weather or if the road terrain becomes more challenging.

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As you can see, many models in the BMW range, along with multiple models from the iconic BMW M range come with BMW xDrive, ensuring unbelievable performance can be enjoyed with unrivalled safety.

To fully appreciate the cars for yourself why not get in touch with your local Stratstone BMW centre today to arrange a test drive.