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New BMW iX Features

Explore the latest finance deals and offers on BMW iX, which is the brand’s luxury all-electric SUV that is available in a minimalist design, great safety and onboard technology, and a choice of high performance motors.

A redefined version of BMW's successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept; the new iX embraces a streamlined, futuristic design and is considered to be the technology flagship of BMW.

Based on a new, modular, scalable future toolkit, developed by the BMW Group; the iX is the first vehicle displaying their fresh interpretation of design, sustainability, driving pleasure, versatility and glamour.

Length and width of the iX is similar to the X5, whereas height is on par with the X6. The size of the wheels, however, replicate the X7.

Incorporating the latest innovations in electrification, automated driving and connectivity; the iX has been designed with a strong focus on people and this is clearly seen with the mobility experience it delivers.

Design and Practicality


The term 'eye-catching' is extremely accurate for the new iX. Sharp lines and angles, combined with the minimalistic design approach result in a bold, confident looking vehicle.

Consistent with BMW's range of cars, the iX flaunts the iconic kidney grille. However, due to being all-electric, only a small amount of cooling air is required so it is completely blanked off. The classic feature, however, is not redundant and it functions as a digital intelligence panel; seamlessly integrating camera technology, radar functions and other sensors behind a transparent surface.

Being a similar size to BMW's SUV line-up, you will not be disappointed with the space on offer. The iX will certainly appeal to families, with five comfortable seats in a spacious interior, with plenty of leg room for rear passengers too.

Interior and Technology


Imagine relaxing in plush seats, surrounded by luxury materials with an enormous panoramic glass roof; creating a spacious sanctuary to experience an effortless drive, with a sensation of floating...

This is the exact ambience you can expect when you take a seat in the sophisticated interior of the new BMW iX. A single curved display unit, encompassing a 12.3-inch Information Display blended with a 14.9-inch Control Display, features within the airy and uncluttered cabin and there is even a hexagonal steering wheel, inspired by the racing world.

Referred to as the BMW Group's new technology flagship, the iX showcases BMW's latest Shy Tech controls. The technology features are so shy, they are almost invisible!

Technology is just as discreet throughout the exterior as it is within the interior. Cameras and sensors are positioned to be unseen, the door openers are flush with the body, and the windscreen washer-fluid cap is even concealed under the BMW logo on the bonnet.

Range and Performance


Shy is not the word you would use to describe the range and performance of the iX. Choose between the iX xDrive40 or the iX xDrive50, which confidently delivers a maximum power output of more than 493bhp and reaches 62mph from zero in less than five seconds.

Exceptional efficiency is guaranteed in both models of the new iX thanks to the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology; consisting of two electric motors, power electronics, charging technology and a high-voltage battery.

An outstanding range of 373 miles can be achieved by the all-electric iX xDrive50 on a single charge, or 249 miles with the xDrive40, according to the WLTP cycle.

Sports-car levels of acceleration and the latest electric all-wheel drive system make the new iX a highly desirable SAV.


BMW iX Charging

Charging the BMW iX is neither an inconvenience or a time-consuming task. With the ability to charge the vehicle at home, work or at one of the many public charging stations located around the UK; there is no need to be concerned about running out of power and it really is as simple as charging your mobile phone.

In less than 40 minutes, the iX's battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent of its full capacity, thanks to the new charging technology enabling DC fast charging at up to 200kW in the xDrive50 and 159kW in the xDrive40. Alternatively, using an 11kW Wallbox, you can fully recharge the iX in under 11 hours.

If you are out and about but running low on battery charge, you can increase the iX's range by more than 75 miles (xDrive50) or 56 miles (xDrive40) in just ten minutes when using DC fast charging.

Arrange a test drive with the iX

The BMW iX is a range-topping expression of the very best in BMW electric vehicles. As the flagship BMW i model, the iX sets a new benchmark in design, technology and the future of the electric car. If you would like to see for yourself the excellence this electric BMW has to offer, arrange a test drive at your preferred Stratstone BMW retailer today.