Free Servicing on Any New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Silver Mercedes E-Class in motion

You can't beat the feeling of a brand-new car, especially if it is a Mercedes-Benz. After you have undertaken the excitement of choosing the colour, specification and finally taking delivery of your brand-new Mercedes-Benz, you are left to enjoy the car at your hearts content. And let's not forget that new car smell.

Keeping your new Mercedes-Benz in perfect condition has just got that little bit easier, thanks to Stratstone Mercedes-Benz offering 3 years free servicing when you buy any new E-Class before 31 December 2018.

What's more, by maintaining a complete service record, especially via a Mercedes-Benz main dealer, the car will hold its value better and benefit from genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and specialist trained technicians

Two people negotiating

We are sorry this event has now ended, however you can still browse our fantastic range of new and used Mercedes-Benz offers.