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Motability Adaptations

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Motability Adaptations

Keeping those with disabilities mobile, the Motability Scheme offers a range of cutting-edge vehicles to lease, along with a host of adaptations to tailor the vehicle to the users exact requirements. This makes driving easier, more comfortable and a lot safer. 

Adaptations include hand controls, pedal modifications, stowage systems and access aids. Discover more about these useful adaptations on this dedicated page.



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  • Ideal for those who find using pedals difficult, due to their disability 
  • Replaces accelerator and brake pedal with a pull/push device which is operated by hand
  • Can only be used with automatic gearbox vehicles
  • Steering wheel ball recommended for hand controlled vehicles - making it easier to steer
  • Ring or trigger accelerators attached to steering wheel also available
  • Remote control devices for wipers and headlights also possible
  • Modifications can be made for those who find the standard layout of the car difficult
  • If mobility is restricted in right leg for example, a left foot accelerator can be fitted
  • Pedal extensions also available for safer and easier operation of the vehicle 
  • Good for those who need to hoist a wheelchair or mobility scooter into their vehicle
  • Either 2-way or 4-way hoists - depending on weight of your mobility aid
  • These can take up considerable space, often needing seats to be folded - something to think about when choosing your vehicle
  • Rooftop stowage units also available, if you need your boot for other storage purposes
  • Transfer plates are available which are operated manually - self strength needed to lift in and out of the vehicle
  • Electric person hoists are also available, but require a second person to operate

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The Motability Scheme has been making it easier for those with disabilities to stay mobile year after year. It is now possible to make adaptations to a wide range of vehicles from many leading manufacturers including BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz and smart.

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