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Try out free car valuation calculator and find out how much your Mercedes-Benz is worth.

Car Valuation

If you've recently been thinking "How can I sell my Mercedes-Benz?", Stratstone's Sell Your Car service is an efficient, quick and easy way of doing so.

Our premium car-selling service has been designed to help our customers sell their Mercedes-Benz car with the least amount of hassle. Just get a free Mercedes-Benz valuation and we will purchase it from you regardless of its model, age or condition. We will give you a great price based on the market for any used Mercedes-Benz, so start the process and get a free valuation online in minutes. For more information, we've listed all the details you'll need when selling your used Mercedes-Benz.

  • Just complete the appointment form to meet an advisor for a free valuation of your Mercedes-Benz
  • 'Sell Your Car' is available at over 11 locations around the UK
  • We don't charge an administration fee
  • We are experts in premium car-buying
  • Your money will be in your account within three working days, or same day transfer is available
  • Our valuation is valid for seven days

We'll buy your Mercedes-Benz, whatever the condition

Regardless of age, model or mileage of your Mercedes-Benz, we will buy it. A valuation advisor will talk you through the process and give you a great price.

We don't charge administration fees

To add to the service that you'll get from Stratstone Sell Your Car, we won't ever charge you an admin fee.

We pay money direct to your bank account

Once your paperwork is signed and you've sold your Mercedes-Benz to us, we will transfer the money straight into your bank account in three working days. Or, for a small fee, same day transfer is available.

We'll provide a great price

As knowledgeable experts in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we'll give you a great price. We cut out the middle man and instead of going through auction, you sell your Mercedes-Benz straight to us.

No obligation to buy

No purchase is necessary - we're happy to buy your Mercedes Benz even if you're not looking for another one.

Trusted and long established

We have built our reputation over the course of more than 95 years. We'll provide you with the same level of service when you sell your car to Stratstone as when you buy a car from us.

Interested in buying a new Mercedes-Benz?

If you are looking for a new Mercedes-Benz after selling your old one, Stratstone offer a vast range of luxury new and used cars.