Best Luxury Convertibles

16th Apr 2021

By Daniel Hitchman

The Convertible Experience

There are few things in life that beat the satisfaction of getting the roof down on a car during the peak of summer. Then, again, modern convertibles have become so advanced that drivers can enjoy their retractable roofs in a variety of weather conditions, and not just when the sun is at its highest for the day.

Special to drive with the wind in your hair it may be, there is also the small matter of the rest of the car. A premium interior design that plays host to a variety of plush materials can really enhance the experience that is unique to convertibles.

With that said, we decided to explore the best premium convertible cars that are available. Ranging from an elegant grand tourer to a car that can transport the family, the vehicles on the list are guaranteed to deliver thrills and luxury in abundance.


red bmw z4, driving

The BMW Z4 offers a rare blend of driving engagement and everyday usability, making it the perfect convertible car for daily commuting. As has been the case with previous generations, this Z4 follows a classic formula: potent engine in the front, two seats in the middle, power sent to the rear wheels.

While predecessors received a folding hard-top roof, this generation of Z4 is only available with a canvas roof. Make no mistake though, this does not detract from the impressive refinement when driving at speed. In addition, the chassis is beautifully poised, ensuring comfort is not compromised in the pursuit of cornering agility.

Capable the models with four-cylinder engines may be, there can be no ignoring the presence of the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre petrol engine that is found in the M40i variant. Combining the 335bhp output with the sonorous six-cylinder soundtrack, drivers will get the sense they are sitting in something very special.


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Porsche Boxster (718)

porsche boxster, driving

The legendary German marque are no strangers to engineering a fine driver's car; the Porsche 911 plays testament to that. As a result, it should come as no great surprise to see that the company's DNA has been woven into the Porsche Boxster, an extraordinary convertible that places the pilot at the centre of the experience.

Although the balanced chassis and astounding levels of grip distinguish the Boxster from other vehicles in the same class, the engines are worthy of similar praise. The flat-four units offer plenty of performance, which is readily accessible from anywhere in the rev-range.

On the flipside, the engines can settle down at a moment's notice, making the Boxster an effortless grand tourer when required. The interior is an elegant place to spend time, with the seats offering support and comfort in abundance, while the 7-inch integrated touchscreen grants access to necessities such as Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connectivity.


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Jaguar F-TYPE

jaguar f-type, driving

British sports cars have always offered effortless levels of sophistication, and the Jaguar F-TYPE is no different. Removing the roof usually dominates the driving experience, but in the case of the F-TYPE, it is the engines that will command the attention of the driver.

A V6 or V8 petrol unit can be sourced easily enough, both of which provide endless drama as they cackle on the overrun and howl on full throttle. What is more, retracting the roof allows the driver to savour the unmistakable noise produced by the F-TYPE.

As is the case with any Jaguar, the interior is supremely well-made and plays host to a number of plush materials. Refinement and comfort are exceptional despite the car's inherent ability to tackle corners without leaning excessively or losing composure. Meanwhile, the Touch Pro infotainment system boasts a vibrant display alongside menus that are intuitive and simple to navigate.


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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

red mercedes-benz e-class, parked

Having access to only two seats may no be ideal for everyone reading this, which is why we present you with the Mercedes Benz E-Class: an elegant convertible car that has seating for four people.

As a company, Mercedes-Benz have always been at the forefront of refinement and technological innovation, making the E-Class a wonderful vehicle to spend long periods of time in. The sumptuous seats can make the most stressful of days a distant memory, while the sophisticated retracting roof will grant access to endless driving enjoyment.

E-Class models with the largest available engines, which includes a phenomenal V8 BiTurbo with 503bhp, will no doubt appeal to drivers who seek an unparalleled soundtrack. However, the regular petrol and diesel engines provide seamless performance alongside impressive fuel economy, leaving the driver to sit back and simply enjoy the journey.


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Aston Martin DB11 Volante

aston martin db11 volante, driving

Few vehicles carry the same weight as an Aston Martin, such is their desirability that stems from elegant exterior designs and sophisticated cockpits. One such example of this combination is the DB11, which represents another stunning entry into the brand's catalogue of sumptuous grand tourers.

Enhancing the sublime DB11 model line up is the addition of the Volante. The retractable roof complements the contours of the DB11, all while adding to the sense of occasion when driving. Combined with the timeless interior, there can be no better way of experiencing Aston Martin than with the roof down.

Although the Volante does not gain access to the same V12 engine found in the coupé, it still benefits from a characterful V8 that produces just over 500bhp. The 0 to 62mph in 4.1 seconds is impressive, but it is the effortless power delivery that distinguishes the DB11 Volante from other vehicles in the same class.


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Go convertible with Stratstone

The remarkable thing about modern convertible cars is that they offer real-world usability all-year-round. Canvas roofs are now better insulated from the elements than ever, and engineers have mastered the art of removing a vehicle's roof without compromising on the driving experience. In short, a premium convertible really can be a car you use on a daily basis.

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