Top 7: Used Fast Estate Cars

13th Jan 2021

Why buy a fast estate car?

Estate cars seem to have a certain stigma attached to them, where because they are more practical than their saloon counterparts they are sometimes seen as the more sensible option, and in some cases maybe even a bit boring.

But try calling any of these examples boring. These are fast estate cars which are a different kettle of fish altogether. There is just something sinister and cool about an estate car that can gather speed like a sports car, and in some cases, leave the sports car driver for dust. 

We have therefore compiled a list of our favourite practical rocket ships to show that stereotypes are merely just that.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Mercedes-Benz E63 S

With 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds, fast is almost an understatement when talking about the Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

This range-topping E-Class comes with a supercar-smashing 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 producing an unbelievable 604bhp. That means this practical estate has more power than a McLaren 600LT.

What's more, this Autobahn stormer can put all of its immense power down with serious ease thanks to Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive. Or maybe you're a keen driver, and a tad crazy, then you can send all of the 600 odd ponies to the rear wheels.

And as it's an estate, you get 640 litres of boot space, which increases to a class-leading 1,820 litres with the rear seats folded.

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Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo is essentially an estate version of the Porsche Panamera Turbo, in the fastest specification possible.

With 670bhp, this is one incredibly quick estate car, taking just 3.4 seconds to reach 62mph from standstill, when equipped with the Sport Chrono Package. All-wheel drive ensures the power is utilised perfectly too and can reach a top speed of 192mph, where it is legal to do so of course, like a German Autobahn for example.

With 520 litres, boot space is very good and this increases to 1,390 litres with the rear seats folded. This means you get 50 litres more than the standard Panamera.

Finally, being a Porsche means it is a joy to drive and material choice is excellent. It could be argued that it's also one of the most unique looking estate cars too.

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Audi RS6 Avant

Audi RS6

Probably the meanest and most sinister-looking estate out there currently. The Audi RS6 Avant looks every bit as evil as an Audi RS model should, and certainly has the road presence to match.

It also has similar horsepower to those already mentioned, with a monstrous 592bhp on tap, good for 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds. So, just like the Mercedes-AMG and Porsche, this practical estate can embarrass super sports cars and even some supercars.

Naturally, like the other two already mentioned, the RS6 comes with Quattro all-wheel drive, meaning the absurd power can be deployed and utilised with ease, come rain or shine.

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Volkswagen Golf R Estate

VW Golf R Estate

A car in our list, that doesn't have over 500bhp, but the Golf R Estate is no slouch. At a smidge under 300bhp, the Golf R Estate can still spring to 62mph in just 5.1 seconds.

The Volkswagen Golf R Estate is of course a lot cheaper to buy than those previously mentioned, as you would expect with a Golf, but you still get a lot of kit and of course the all-important four-wheel drive.

It also looks more stealthy in terms of appearance. The quad tail pipes are the only giveaway of this car's performance and power. You get an impressive 600 litres of boot space, or 1,620 litres with the seats folded flat. That's excellent for what is essentially an elongated mid-size hatchback. 

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MINI Clubman JCW

MINI JCW Clubman Estate

The MINI Clubman John Cooper Works is the fastest accelerating MINI available, hitting 62mph from a standstill in just 4.9 seconds.

This is thanks to a 302bhp engine, also found in the brand-new BMW 1 Series M135i, which is also complemented with four wheel drive, again mirroring the BMW M135i xDrive.

The boot offers 360 litres of space which can be increased to 1,250 litres with the rear seats folded. With 6-doors, the Clubman is not just the fastest accelerating MINI, but also the most unique looking estate in our list. It is a car for those who like to stand out, but also don't like to hang about.

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BMW 5 Series 540i xDrive Touring

BMW 5 Series Touring

Interestingly, BMW don't offer a full-fat M car in estate form, but the 5 Series 540i xDrive Touring is certainly not lacking power, with a smidge under 340bhp, enough for 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds.

Unlike a traditional BMW, the 540i xDrive Touring comes with all-wheel drive (xDrive) meaning power can be distributed effectively, in any weather.

That makes it more than welcome in this league of fast estate cars. It's also wonderfully practical too with 570-litres of boot space, which increases to an impressive 1700-litres with the rear seats folded flat.

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Volvo V60 Polestar

Volvo V60 Polestar

We conclude in the only way possible, as you simply cannot write an article on estate cars without mentioning Volvo.

This is perhaps where the stereotype came from, as old Volvo estates were extremely boxy, and quite slow. But recently, Volvo decided to push their Polestar sub brand, and give a V60 estate some serious power. 345bhp to be precise, good enough for the 62mph sprint in just 4.8 seconds.

Boot space is good - it is a Volvo after all - and offers 430 litres, or 1,241 litres with the rear seats folded, proving Volvo still know a thing or two about estates.

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Find your perfect used fast estate car

As you can see, the estate car doesn't have to be boring, and manufacturers are still ensuring their estates offer plenty of practicality, along with performance to give coupes and supercars a run for their money.

In a world where the SUV is highly regarded, it is always good to be reminded of the brilliantly capable fast estate car.

At Stratstone, our used inventory is home to a wide range of estate cars from a variety of different brands. Because all of our used cars are thoroughly prepared to exacting standards before they go on sale, you can rest assured that you're getting a great car at a great price.