BMW M140i Championship Edition; Just 30 Ever Made

bmw m140i championship edition


Automotive manufacturers are constantly taking what they learn on the race track and implementing it into their road cars, to enhance performance, feel and to complement the overall driving experience. And let's be honest, quite a few of us have dreamed of being the next Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton, so the motorsport connection is a hugely desirable feature to be included in any road legal performance or supercar. BMW's M division is without doubt one of the greatest purveyors of motorsport-derived road cars. Legendary models such as the BMW M3 have ensured the performance car is hugely sought after the world over and gives keen drivers and enthusiasts the chance to lust after and own a car with proper racing pedigree, heritage and performance. As the saying goes; 'win on Sunday, sell on Monday'.

The BMW M140i Championship Edition is just that and is one of the latest motorsport-derived creations to come from legendary Munich manufacturer BMW. Limited to just 30 examples, it's an extremely impressive and rare beast that can endure daily duties with ease, along with turning into an exhilarating drivers' car when desired. But how did we get here?


BMW M140i Championship Edition

After a range shakeup in 2012, BMW introduced the M135i, the new range topper - it was an instant hit. It offered slightly less performance than full fat M cars, along with more subtle styling, at a fraction of the cost. And so, M Performance models were born!

Fast forward to the updated M140i and you get even more performance and the same power as the legendary 1M. Interestingly, the 0-62 mph is actually quicker, at just 4.6 seconds, as opposed to the 1M's 4.9 seconds - albeit the genuine M car does use a purist manual gearbox. But the M140i is about more than just straight line speed. Available in 3 or 5-doors, this stylish and sophisticated hatch is a fine car to drive. Driver focused rear-wheel drive, an exciting six-cylinder twin-turbo engine and the usual BMW refinements make the M140i extremely popular with buyers, thanks to its impressive performance and usability. It is the perfect daily driver that can sit quietly on a motorway, and then when you fancy getting serious, the M140i becomes a fantastic drivers' car.

It's also pretty understated too, with only the avid petrolhead taking note of the dual exhausts, enhanced yet subtle sports styling and the of course the M140i badge on the bootlid. This, then, was the new range-topping 1 Series, along with a Shadow Edition for those wanting a more sinister look. Then came another new range-topper, the Championship Edition.
bmw m140i championship edition bmw m140i logo
bmw m140i championship edition bmw m140i logo
bmw m140i championship edition exhaust bmw m140i championship edition gears bmw m140i championship edition steering wheel
bmw m140i championship edition exhaust bmw m140i championship edition gears bmw m140i championship edition steering wheel

Why is the BMW M140i Championship Edition so special?

Think of racing cars and you'll probably envisage expensive performance and supercars, but some of the greatest racing cars ever built have been created on the basis of a humble car such as the orignial Mini Cooper or indeed a BMW 1 Series. With that in mind, the BMW M140i Championship Edition pays homage to BMW'S success in the 2017 BTCC (British Touring Car Championships).

Over the standard M140i you get a collection of unique motorsport inspired enhancements such as Alcantara/cloth seats to grip you better than leather, along with an Alcantara steering wheel too - just like a race car! You also get a fruitier-sounding M Performance exhaust, along with a limited-slip differential for added grip when cornering. These all add up to a spicy little package to further complement the already excellent M140i basis. You still get the same 335 bhp six-cylinder twin-turbo engine with the ultra-fast 8-speed automatic transmission but as we all know, this is incredibly already faster than the old 1M to 62mph. In addition to regular M140i guise you get subtle Championship Edition graphics in the classic M colourway to make sure everyone knows this is something special. It is also only available in the sportier 3-door bodystyle with Alpine White paint. With only 30 BMW M140i Championship Edition models made, this is a supremely rare car, which is sure to increase its appeal in years to come, and of course if you are in the market for an almost new hot hatch!


Its subtle enhancements have turned the highly regarded M140i into a truly great hot hatchback. If you adore driving, have a penchant for unique and rare cars, that take inspiration from motorsport, then this special BMW 1 Series could well be the hot hatchback for you. We are lucky enough to have a fine example for sale within our inventory with delivery mileage only! Contact Stratstone BMW Derby today or why not take a look through our comprehensive BMW inventory to discover your perfect new or used BMW.