What is MINI ALL4?

25th Nov 2022

By Ellie Brown

What is MINI ALL4?

Introduced in 2010 with the launch of the iconic Countryman SUV, ALL4 refers to MINI's all-wheel drive system that can take on a broad range of terrains and weather conditions.

With the unpredictable weather we often see in the UK, especially in winter months, plenty of motorists will want to opt for a vehicle with increased control, grip, and off-road capabilities to keep them safe while driving. And that is exactly where ALL4 comes into play.

We have explored everything you need to know about how MINI's all-wheel drive system actually works, the pros and cons of owning an ALL4 model, and which cars are available with ALL4.

How does MINI ALL4 work?

MINI Countryman Winding Road

While driving on the open road during regular conditions, vehicles with ALL4 all-wheel drive will only propel the front two wheels. When faced with winding countryside roads, wet weather conditions, and unpredictable terrain, the system will direct power to the rear wheels for maximum traction and stability.

When the system senses wheelspin or decreased grip, torque is distributed between the front and rear axels, depending on which wheels require the most grip. It is also able to divert 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels.

ALL4 goes hand-in-hand with MINI's Dynamic Stability Control feature, which detects inconsistencies with the road surface and calculates the ideal traction distribution to ensure you are staying safe and on-track during your trip.

What are the advantages of MINI ALL4?

MINI Countryman

So, why should you go for a MINI with ALL4 all-wheel drive included? There are a wide range of benefits to owning a MINI with ALL4, including:

  • Safety: Thanks to increased grip and extra stability on the road, there is no need to worry about losing control of your vehicle during capricious conditions.
  • High performance: Using power from all wheels, ALL4 models accelerate much faster than standard front-wheel drive vehicles, making them smoother and more enjoyable to drive.
  • Easy to drive: Challenging plenty of situations and terrain with ease means it is effortless to drive an ALL4 all-wheel drive model.
  • Great for adventures: With all-wheel drive capable of taking on anything you throw at it, the possibilities are endless.

What are the disadvantages of MINI ALL4?

MINI Countryman Water

If you are looking to weigh out the pros and cons, it is worth considering the possible downsides of MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive, which can include:

  • Cost: Due to the extra parts of an all-wheel drive system, ALL4 models are typically more expensive than regular rear-wheel drive versions.
  • Fuel efficiency: Vehicles with ALL4 emit more exhaust emissions, and are less fuel efficient than their rear or front-wheel drive counterparts.
  • Stopping distance: Although all-wheel drive models are easy to drive, when it comes to braking, the extra weight increases the distance they need to stop.

Which MINI models come with ALL4?

Currently, there are a couple of models in the MINI range that come with an ALL4 all-wheel drive system. Below, you can click through to find out more information about the following models.

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Whether you are in the market for a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or ALL4 all-wheel drive version, you can simply contact your local dedicated Stratstone MINI retailer to book a test drive or find out more information about the MINI range.