Wheeler Dealers Cars: What Are They Worth Now?

26th Mar 2021

By Daniel Hitchman

Research up to season 10

Fans of Wheeler Dealers have witnessed a wide number of extraordinary cars pass through Mike and Edd's/Ant's hands since the show's introduction in 2003.

With the rise in classic car prices, and the popular TV show growing with every series, we wanted to explore what each car would be worth in today's market. From that information, we will then figure out how much extra profit they could have made if they had kept a hold of them until now.

We have compiled a list of the cars from each series (up to series 10) and compared what they sold for to the average price a similar example fetches today.*

Unsurprisingly, a large percentage of the cars have gone up in value. However, the sheer increase on some of them will leave you with tears of regret for not investing sooner. On the flip side, we have also highlighted some of the cars that we thought would have gone up further in value.


It is worth noting we have set a couple of parameters when conducting this research. First of all, the cars we looked at had to be of similar age and condition to the ones that were already on the show. Finally, even though some of the cars were bought abroad, we have focused on cars that are currently available within the UK.

In addition, our research only covers models that featured in the first ten seasons. This is because the cars in the following seasons featured relatively recently and are less likely to have been affected by the classic car "boom".

*prices and totals correct as of 2019