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Let's not fool ourselves, the old Porsche 911 was always going to be the one that shot-up in value. Did we expect a nearly £30k rise though? We don't know, you tell us. Although, whoever bought one for the £5k Mike spent back in 2006 and kept it will certainly be laughing all the way to the bank. Lucky (or clever) sods!

Well would you look at that? The first car to actually go down in value on our list. The Lexus LS400 sits in an awkward place on the market, they aren't what many would class as good-looking; or economical for that matter. However, if you want a luxury vehicle with a thumping V8, then it might be a good time to pounce.

Hang on. Mike bought a 635CSi for £2,000?! Sure. Whatever. Don't care. Rubbish car anyway.

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