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Naturally, we're headed straight for the Lancia Delta, purely because it's a car that was revered around the world for having so many perfect imperfections - plus a successful rally heritage. With an increase averaging £20,000, Mike will probably feel a bit of regret for letting it go for just £3,800 (or selling it, full stop).

The little MX-5 has been an ever-popular choice among the driving purists who value low-weight rear drive shenanigans. Yet, they just don't seem to be climbing that much in value unless you go for a real "minter". Surely the pop-up headlights make the MX-5 worth more?

In other news, the Mercedes 2.3 Cosworth is a steady performer. Remember? It's that car with the funny dog leg gearbox where first is where second normally is. With prices averaging £14,500, we think that's a good chunk of car for the money.

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