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Stratstone Lightweight E-type in the Boutique Basement More Photos

The Stratstone Lightweight E-Type needs no introduction. One of six, and worth over £1.5 million, this is a very special car.

Enzo Ferrari said that the Jaguar E-Type was "the most beautiful car ever made" - strong appreciation from the iconic boss and founder of famous Italian supercar maker - Ferrari. Being extremely rare and extremely beautiful, not to mention the way this car came about, the Lightweight E-Type is admired by many, and a viewing is always in high demand.

On Monday 9th January 2017 Stratstone UK decided it was time to brighten up the rainy streets of the capital and invite YouTube influencer Shmee150 a.k.a. Tim Burton, to film the Lightweight E-Type being awoken from the Stratstone of Mayfair, state-of-the-art showroom before being loaded onto a transporter, to embark on the next stage of its story.

Shmee was invited down to show the process of removing the E-Type from its underground residence, a remarkable process, for a remarkable car in itself. If you have a keen interest in cars or supercars and are familiar with the video sharing platform YouTube - you'll have probably watched one of Shmee's videos.

As a keen car collector, and an avid car enthusiast, the videos Shmee creates document his supercar lifestyle and give his viewers a look into some automotive events which are rare and which some will never see. Stratstone thought it was only right that this car should be shared with car enthusiasts alike, and what better way through a point-of-view video created by the talented Shmee150.

You may wonder where the Lightweight E-Type is off to, Shmee's video shows the iconic car being loaded onto a truck? All will be revealed in the near future.


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