The Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Meets the Concorde

It isn't every day you can tell your friends that you've seen one of the rarest cars and most legendary aircraft in the world, in the same place.

They are the epitome of cool - Stratstone's Lightweight Jaguar E-type and the Concorde - and they were displayed together at Manchester Runway Visitors Park for Car Café XL.

Car and plane enthusiasts alike were very excited to have two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in one day. Not only was there the chance to Car Café XL see inside the bonnet of one of only 18 Lightweight Jaguar E-types in the world, but also a tour around the iconic Concorde.

British Airways plane. Jaguar Lightweight E-Type.
British Airways plane. Jaguar Lightweight E-Type.

The Concorde is turbojet-powered supersonic passenger jet airliner, which successfully completed its first ever supersonic flight in October 1969.

However, most readers will remember its first commercial flight in January of 1976, from London to Bahrain. The aircraft seated 100 passengers and went through 5,000 rigorous tests before it could travel with customers on board.

Currently, the Concorde still holds the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by aircraft. Its cruising speed hits a whopping 1350mph, with a take-off speed of 250mph.

Unfortunately, this unique delta-winged masterpiece no longer graces the skies - it retired in 2003 after low passenger numbers following a terrible crash in July 2000 and rising maintenance costs.

At Car Café XL, visitors were given a tour of the incredible aircraft as a guide explained its magnificent history - a very rare opportunity.

Back on the ground, guests were admiring the classic beauty of the truly iconic Jaguar Lightweight E-type.

Hand-built in the 1960s, Jaguar had planned to produce 18 Lightweight E-types to use as aluminium-bodied race cars, but only managed to finish 12.

Three years ago, Jaguar made the decision to finish the run and complete the 'missing six'. Stratstone was lucky enough to acquire one. Our Lightweight Jaguar E-type was displayed at Car Café XL and is one of the missing numbers - namely, No. 15.

The design of this beautiful car came from a 'Low-drag Coupe' concept - created in 1962 by Jaguar's pioneering aerodynamicist, Malcom Sayer.

Using aluminium panels to ensure it could keep up pace and an even more curvaceous than an original E-type, Jaguar committed to a limited run to ensure these cars were a true rarity.

It was simply amazing to see these two iconic 60s models displayed at the same event - something that may never happen again!