Road Test Review: Jaguar F-PACE S

Independent review by Edward Stephens

5-minute read

Jaguar F-PACE S Front Driving

Road Test: Jaguar F-PACE S

Explore the key features of the Jaguar F-PACE S in our expert road test review

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The Jaguar F-PACE S offers a comfortable and luxurious experience for the whole family.


  • Refined interior
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Exceptional features
  • Sporty feel
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With SUV models now dominating our roads at the expense of saloons and even hatchbacks, it is difficult for manufacturers to stand out in the crowd.

But while many of the latest creations blend in, Jaguar’s F-PACE is one SUV that still always seems to get a second look.

Design and Practicality

It is a large car even by SUV standards, but despite its size and high stance it is also both dramatic and curvaceous, which is probably why it is now the company’s number one seller.

In an effort to maintain its popularity, it has recently had some cosmetic refinements with front end changes, which included fitting new powerful but slimmer headlights and a change of grille for a fresher look.

Inside there is an abundance of space for five people and the cabin has a nice up-market feel to it thanks to the very stylish dashboard and leather seats.

There are 670 litres of cargo space beneath the electrically powered tailgate, and the rear seat has a 40/20/40 split for flexibility.

Engines and Performance

All F-PACE models now have automatic gearboxes and come with all-wheel-drive. While there are big moves to electric and hybrid, the F-PACE is still very much available with diesel power.

The model driven here is powered by a 2.0-litre, 163bhp power plant mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

While it is not the fastest car off the block, it will still hit 62mph in a very respectable 9.9 seconds, with a top speed of 121mph. The bonus of this engine is that it will return well over 40mpg all day.

At the same time, it has got great torque with lots of pulling power, as well as being incredibly quiet. If you did not know it was a diesel, it would be hard to convince you.

If you want to liven things up a little, you have the choice of slipping this big Jaguar into sport mode, or use the paddles behind the steering wheel to send the rev counter into the red at each change.

On the road, the new F-PACE’s ride offers a nice blend of comfort while still maintaining that sporting bias with impressive grip.
Edward Stephens

The body rolls on fast corners, but it is nicely controllable, allowing you to take advantage of the marque’s pedigree while still keeping your passengers happy.

Equipment and Technology

The leather seats can be heated at the touch of a dial on the dashboard and adjusted for comfort by a selection of switches that are in easy reach.

For winter days, the steering wheel can also be heated, as can the windscreen.

An 11.4-inch touchscreen display sits in the middle of the dashboard to control most of the onboard features, including the satellite navigation system.

The size of the screen allows the rearview camera to give you two views when reversing, one showing what is behind you and the other a bird's eye view from above, which makes the manoeuvre simple despite the Jaguar’s bulky rear end and relatively small rear window.


With so many impressive and varied features, it is hardly surprising that the F-PACE remains the company’s bestseller.

These exceptional features that are included as standard, make this family-sized SUV a comfortable and luxurious space for both driver and passengers.