Road Test Review: Land Rover Range Rover SE Plug-In Hybrid

Independent review by Mike Torpey

5-minute read

Land Rover Range Rover SE Front

Road Test: Land Rover Range Rover SE Plug-In Hybrid

Explore the key features of the Land Rover Range Rover SE Plug-In Hybrid in our expert road test review.

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The Land Rover Range Rover in entry-level SE trim is the perfect family-friendly luxurious SUV.


  • Comfortable interior
  • Great performance
  • Good off-road abilities
  • Flexible seating arrangements
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Luxury is the name of the game with big, rugged, expensive SUVs these days – and they do not come much bigger, more rugged or expensive than the latest Range Rover.

Of course, there are different ways of defining what luxury actually is. It could be a sumptuous level of comfort features, punchy performance, or the use of high-quality build materials. But no matter how you define luxury, Land Rover's latest Range Rover certainly meets the expectations.

Design and Practicality

There are plenty of features that make the Range Rover one of the most luxurious and comfortable models you could think of, like the 24-way heated and cooled graded leather massage electric front seats, or executive class rear seats.

Or perhaps, as was the case in our tested plug-in hybrid model, you may prefer the non-leather alternatives of Kvadrat premium textile and Ultrafabrics polyurethane, materials designed for ultimate comfort.

Inside there is space to stretch out and relax amid a plethora of cubbies and adjustment options regardless of seating position and the scope for loads of personalisation.

As for luggage space, the boot is cavernous and the electric tailgate also splits so that as the top part lifts in the normal way a lower section folds outwards, leaving a handy outside seating area.

Equipment and Technology

The Range Rover in the SE trim that we drove benefits from a ClearSight rearview mirror screen that shows an unobstructed HD video of activity behind the car, a full length sliding panoramic sunroof, and a fridge for chilling drinks in the centre console.

Other interior gizmos include a 360-degree surround camera with front and back parking sensors, plus off-road cameras with a side view to help avoid rocks if you are driving off-road.

And all models come with a 13.1-inch dash-mounted touchscreen that is easy to use, and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with Amazon’s Alexa are standard.

The 34-speaker Meridian Signature Sound system allows you to relax in the cabin, or instead you can eliminate any form of distraction through the next generation of Active Noise Cancellation.

Powertrain and Performance

Those who enjoy being driven rather than driving themselves will no doubt appreciate the smooth ride afforded by air suspension and an all-wheel drive set-up that responds seamlessly to road conditions.
Mike Torpey

And if going venturing into the toughest of terrain is the preferred pursuit, then you can rest assured that the hardware is in place to take you up the side of a mountain, if you so wish.

All of these attributes, plus a list so long it would become tedious to reel off, are present in what is the show-piece line-up from the Land Rover stable.

The Range Rover has gone through many updates and upgrades, but endurance and toughness has always been a key idea behind its design. Fast-forward to the modern day and the latest fifth generation Range Rover is a completely different beast - a pure thoroughbred of an SUV, available with a choice of mild hybrid, petrol, and diesel engines plus a pair of plug-in hybrids.

The P440e, the slightly less powerful of the two PHEVs, is a smart choice for the disciplined Land Rover fan and especially for company car drivers due to its low benefit-in-kind tax rating.

This is because of its low CO2 emissions, 69-mile all-electric range and official fuel consumption figure of 324mpg, though realistically hitting that mark takes some doing.

Charging from a home wallbox takes five hours to get to 100 percent, while using a public fast charger will give you 80 percent in less than an hour.

With luxury guaranteed, including in entry grade SE models, drivers can also rely on exceptional performance from the P400e’s 3.0-litre turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, which along with the electric motor develops 440bhp for a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 5.7 seconds.

The power is delivered smoothly via an 8-speed automatic gearbox and the car feels really agile for its size and weight with precise steering and terrific high speed stability.


No doubt there are some extremely capable and desirable prestige SUVs out there, but with every box ticked, it is the Range Rover that rules the roost.

Although it is the entry-level specification, the Range Rover SE still offers an incredible package with plenty of features and an enjoyable journey for all.