Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 Driving Front

New Mercedes-Benz G 580

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Introducing the Mercedes-Benz G 580

Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 Off-Road Side

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has always been a symbol of rugged capability and timeless design. Now, the iconic SUV enters a new era with the G 580 EV, providing efficient EQ technology.

This fully electric powerhouse provides cutting-edge electric performance with the legendary off-road prowess that has defined the legendary G-Wagon for generations.

The G 580 retains the original G-Class' adventurous spirit, but reimagines it for increased sustainability and zero emissions, excelling not only in performance and luxury, but in convenience too.

Design and Practicality

Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 Off-Road Front

The G 580 EV retains the classic boxy silhouette that has made it instantly recognisable, but with a subtle futuristic edge that distinguishes it as an electric vehicle.

A closer look reveals a revised front grille with a new modern appearance, featuring a black panel design that replaces the traditional radiator found on its ICE-powered counterpart.

Part of the G 580's clever design are the exterior protective strips, that not only contribute to the striking design, but also add a touch of practicality and convenience.

Stepping inside, the G 580 offers a spacious and luxurious interior crafted with premium materials like Napa leather, ensuring comfort and refinement during every journey.

Despite its electric powertrain, luggage capacity remains generous, allowing you to pack all the essentials for your next adventure.

Technology and Safety

Mercedes-Benz G 580 Interior

When it comes to the G-Wagon, advanced technology and safety features are to be expected, with the electric model providing even more impressive equipment.

Drivers of the electric G-Class can benefit from the Mercedes-Benz MBUX infotainment system with its large driver display and touchscreen, putting everything you need at your fingertips.

Advanced driver-assistance technologies are on hand to provide an added layer of confidence and convenience while driving, including Traffic Sign Assist, Active Brake Assist, and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

This includes a G-TURN function for axis spins and G-STEERING for precise turns, enhancing off-road experiences.

For added safety, the GUARD 360° Vehicle protection Plus is available, offering all-round monitoring of the vehicle's environment such as collision detection and a stolen vehicle help function.

Engines and Performance

Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 Off-Road Rear

The G 580 features a powerful electric drivetrain that offers superior performance without sacrificing range. A 116kWh lithium-ion battery provides up to 296 miles of range, allowing you to explore without range anxiety.

This battery works in tandem with an electric motor to provide a staggering power output of 579bhp and 859lb ft of torque, translating to exhilarating acceleration and effortless power.

Off-roading is effortless in the G 580 EV, retaining its reputation but with a quieter and more smooth feel both on and off-road, standing as a fine example of how electric performance can enhance driving on all terrains.


Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 Charger

Charging the electric G-Class is effortless thanks to integration with Mercedes me Charge - a network offering access to over 1.5 million charging points worldwide.

Whether you are exploring remote areas or cruising through the city, finding a place to top up your battery is never a worry. The G 580's optimised battery management system ensures efficient charging wherever you go, minimising downtime and enhancing your adventures on the road.


Blue Mercedes-Benz G 580 EDITION ONE

Be the first to experience the electric G-Class with the EDITION ONE. This special edition celebrates the G-Class going electric with unique blue accents outside and a cool blue interior theme.

It combines the sporty AMG Line with the mysterious Night Package for a head-turning look.

Step inside, and you'll find the luxurious seats also feature cool blue accents, including stitching and various accents to match the exterior, all thanks to the superior interior design.

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The brand-new Mercedes-Benz G 580 Electric boasts iconic G-Class off-road capabilities with cutting-edge electric power and state-of-the-art technology.

With a spacious and luxurious interior, impressive electric range, and rugged driving dynamics, the G 580 Electric is ready for any adventure. To learn more about the upcoming G 580, visit your local Stratstone Mercedes-Benz retailer.