How to Open a Mercedes-Benz Bonnet

Opening a Mercedes-Benz Bonnet

Knowing how to perform basic maintenance tasks on your car is important, and something that may seem a little tricky is knowing how to open the bonnet on your Mercedes-Benz.

Whether you need to top up fluid, replace or top up the oil, or need to investigate something troublesome, opening the bonnet is going to be something you need to know how to do.

Opening the Bonnet

The first step to opening the bonnet is to locate the release lever. On some models of cars, the lever is on the passenger side, but on a Mercedes-Benz the bonnet release lever is under the dashboard on the right, sometimes under the parking brake button. It is coloured red for ease of identification, whilst on some models it is black.

The next thing to do it pull the lever, this will release the lock on the bonnet, but you will have to manually pull a catch under the bonnet itself to open it.

Once you are standing at the front of the vehicle, find the catch under the sill of the bonnet, to the left of the Mercedes-Benz logo, and pull that. Lift the bonnet until it opens automatically.

Closing the Bonnet

Having carried out your maintenance, such as topping up fluid or similar, make sure you securely close the bonnet firmly, to avoid any problems when driving.

If you are changing or topping up the oil, be sure to refer to the user manual for your Mercedes-Benz to check the suitable type of oil, as this can vary depending on the age and specification of the vehicle.

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