MINI Big Love

Big Love

At Stratstone MINI, we are big on inclusivity, diversity, and kindness to create a brighter future for the community and our planet

Big Love at Stratstone MINI

MINI Big Love

At Stratstone MINI, we are passionate about inspiring positivity and influencing social change in the community. For over 60 years, MINI have been celebrating diversity, sustainability, and individuality to help build a brighter future for all.

Big Love is all about uplifting the nation by appreciating each other and our planet, embracing change, and allowing drivers to express themselves. MINI is big on authenticity, from their unique design to their positive attitude, helping to bring joy to people all over the world.

Aiming to be a more active part of the community, our Stratstone MINI retailers have made multiple pledges to get involved with various charities and events to make a positive impact on the world.

Big love for the people

MINI Big Love

So what really drives us at Stratstone MINI? Bringing people from all cultures together is important to us, not only because it allows us to learn from one another, but because it brings us closer to a happier, more inclusive future.

Regardless of race, age and experience, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, we are proud to embrace every individual at Stratstone MINI. We are big on being unique, big on positivity, and big on love.

Just like the MINI range, we are all remarkable in our own way, coming in many shapes, sizes, and colours. With Big Love, our Stratstone retailers will be taking part in projects, collaborations, and events to inspire the nation to come together and work on the things that matter most to us.

Big love for the planet

Creating Big Love starts with how we treat our planet. Over the years, MINI has put a big focus on being kinder to the environment, driving their way towards a fully electric future with their development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

MINI are actively working on new solutions to lower their carbon footprint and finding innovative ways to reuse and recycle through material use and design. Our Stratstone MINI retailers are committed to offering sustainable vehicles to reduce emissions and lower the impact on the atmosphere.

Open to everyone here at Stratstone MINI, Big Love strives to make big changes in the hopes to inspire others to take action.

MINI Big Love

Our Dealership Pledges

MINI Big Love

Our Stratstone MINI retailers have made various pledges to support local charities and events to encourage positivity within their communities.

Stratstone Chesterfield

We pledge to support Chesterfield Foodbank and work as a local drop off point for donations, making regular deliveries to their depot with everything that's been donated.

Stratstone Derby

We pledge to support Padley Group events by acting as a local drop off point for donations to their foodbank, making regular deliveries to their depot with everything that's been donated.

Stratstone Doncaster

We pledge to support Firefly by supplying vehicles when needed, hosting awareness events at the site, directing customers to the charity to donate, and partaking in activities arranged by the charity.

Stratstone Harrogate

We pledge to support Harrogate Homeless Project and be a local hub where anyone can drop off donations, to help source some much needed items.

Stratstone Hull

We pledge to help members of our community get the supplies they desperately need. We will collect donations for Hull Foodbank, which we will drop off in a convoy of MINIs.

Stratstone Leeds

We pledge to bring joy to children in our local area by donating a series of top specification baby racers. We will donate MINI baby racers and take our vehicles to the children on the day of handover.

Stratstone Tyneside

We pledge to bring joy to our local nurseries by donating a series of top specification baby racers ready for test drives by our local nursery children, who are at the end of the day, our future.