New Conversion Kit Brings Electric Power to the Classic Mini

04th May 2023

By Chris Russon

EV Conversion Kit Classic Mini

British EV technology company Electrogenic, known for its market-leading classic car EV conversions, has expanded its range of acclaimed ‘drop-in’ conversion kits with its most accessible yet - a cost effective ‘plug and play’ solution to easily electrify the classic Mini.

Electrogenic’s kit converts the much-loved automotive icon to a fun, clean, and reliable electric drive from just £15,000 plus VAT.

The Mini kit further bolsters Oxford based Electrogenic’s comprehensive range of drop-in packages, which already includes UK developed solutions which future-proof automotive icons such as the Land Rover Defender, Jaguar E-Type, classic Porsche 911 and Triumph Stag. The kits are offered alongside Electrogenic’s bespoke conversions.

Electrogenic’s Mini EV kit has been designed to deliver superb performance – mirroring the nippy, responsive character of the original car.

The EV technology is completely pre-assembled and pre-tested on a replacement heritage front subframe that simply replaces the old subframe with its petrol engine.

It features a 60bhp, 100lb ft water-cooled motor, delivering 738lb ft of instant electric torque to the wheels through a fixed-ratio drivetrain. The ultra-responsive electric powertrain offers great flexibility and lends the diminutive Mini real punch – ideal for navigating the cut and thrust of city driving.

Powered by 20kWh of brand-new, densely packed OEM-grade batteries, also pre-mounted on the subframe and all wired in, the electrified Mini has 80 miles of in-town range. The Euro Type 2 charge port is also pre-mounted and can be accessed via a range of bespoke replacement front grilles.

Electrogenic will also offer an extended range option, with an additional battery pack integrated into the boot - ideal for those who want to travel a little further on their Mini adventures.

The Mini kit will be offered via Electrogenic’s global network of installer partners from Autumn 2023.

Steve Drummond, co-founder of Electrogenic, said: “We’re delighted to reveal our game-changing ‘drop-in’ classic Mini EV conversion kit to the world. It delivers Electrogenic’s exhaustively developed, sector-leading EV conversion technology in our most accessible package yet.”

“We’ve converted a number of beautiful Minis over the years to electric drive, and have seen significant demand for a solution that’s both easy to fit and budget-friendly. Our new drop-in kit meets those requirements perfectly; it’s cost-effective and simple to install, yet still delivers superb electric performance, thanks to our latest-generation EV powertrain tech.”

“It turns the iconic classic Mini into an ideal modern city machine, one that’s perfect for zipping about town cleanly and reliably – and sure to bring a smile to the faces of drivers and pedestrians alike.”

Prices correct as of 04/05/2023 and are subject to change.