Harley-Davidson Unveil an Exciting New Range!

30th Aug 2018

Harley-Davidson are set to enter 4 new markets with 21 planned new bikes for 2020. The exciting new range of motorcycles shake up the brand entirely, aiming its course of attraction to a more vibrant, younger audience.

The new range will be dominant of middleweight and electric bikes, touching on whole new territories for the brand. Don't worry though, Harley-Davidson aren't drifting too far from their origin. Plans to modernise their iconic Tourer and Cruiser are in place, featuring all-new electronics and enhanced connectivity.

Reaching out of their comfort zone is set to push Stratstone Harley-Davidson to the front of the field within the premium motorcycle segment. Time for a makeover?

Harley-Davidson certainly thinks so!

New Middleweights

One of Harley-Davidson's most fundamental changes is the range of new middleweights, including 16-strong models headed by the Pan America 1250 adventure bike. Additionally, there will be a Streetfighter 975 and a Custom model with expectations of a Scrambler, Flat tracker and a faired sportsbike. The modular engines are diverse across different models, varying between 500cc and 1250cc. The new middleweights' range is expected to be available between 2020 and 2022.

harley-davidson pan america harley-davidson future models
harley-davidson pan america harley-davidson future models

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are also on the agenda as a focus for Harley-Davidson in the next few years. Alongside the brands first production electric bike, Harley-Davidson will introduce a range of lower powered bikes as a stepping-stone toward the niche market. These bikes will include two middleweight bikes and two lightweight urban bikes.

Following Harley's fresh new look will be an evolving position in their retail environment. To achieve a new face, the brand will start by opening smaller bricks and mortar retail outlets in shopping centres, offering bike accessories and clothing. The new and improved website will also be a main focus for the brand, enabling existing and new customers to buy clothing, accessories and smaller electric bikes hassle-free.

harley-davidson electric models

Developing Markets

In addition to the 21 new bikes, Harley will be producing a selection of lower capacity bikes for the developing market. The launch of these will begin in India, spreading to South America and Asia soon afterwards.

Harley-Davidson embrace their changing face without disconnecting with their existing customers. The more advanced tourers and cruisers are set to impress and satisfy Harley's original clientele.

The two new big twin cruisers - a Buell-esque sporty model and a Diavel-esque powered cruiser - are compact with improved connectivity, thanks to full-colour TFT dashes.

So, keep your eye open for these incredible new bikes which are set to be available in the next two years and get ready for the ride of your life!

new harley-davidson bikes